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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Depth Pre-Season Analysis: Main

Alright, the detailed analysis is going to be released soon! But before that, I would like to give some brief directions first...

First of all, as it is detailed, I'll release posts team by team instead of one which covers 20 for easy navigation. All the links will be included in this page so don't worry. =)

Then, for each team, I'll include some guides and details for key players, a link to team's and players' statistics and also the following lists:
  1. Fantasy Premium Pick: The players that I ultimately recommend to be in your team captain your team as well.
  2. Fantasy Top Pick: The players that I strongly recommend to be in your team.
  3. Fantasy Good Pick: The players that I think will provide a consistent flow of points, but not much.
  4. Fantasy Gamble Pick: The players that worth a gamble who I think may perform very well.

More details may be included. Of course, opinions are very subjective, feel free to give comments. Enjoy~


gotham gerrard said...

blogs good dude..

gotham gerrard said...

any good buys from the newly promoted teams??..

Min Yang said...

kightly and ebanks blake from wolves are good bargain, as well as doyle which was bought from reading... i cant review much on burnley thou due to their hell-like fixtures... stay tuned for more =)

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Hey Im new to the blog but so far Im loving it!

I was wondering your thoughts on Wolves' Ebanks-Blake and Milijas being used on my fantasy team. I need these two to complement me putting Lampard and TOrres on my team. E-B and Milijas both did well last year in their respective leagues, do you think that will translate well to this year? Thanks!

Min Yang said...

first and foremost, thx!

E-B is great but at the moment save it as your third striker, observe for his maturity at EPL first. If he's great den use it, but if he's not, still it's not a bad choice for putting it as ur sub. as for milijas, we shud c how far can he adapt to epl first... so i wont deploy him now for my team. kightly is more stable IMO (of course, he's injured currently).

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