Score (Gameweek): Arteta-22, Drogba-20, Carew-19, Lampard-18, Malouda-17 ...... Score (Total): Rooney-216, Fabregas-212, Lampard-200, Drogba-198, Bent-166 ...... Form: Lampard-9.5, Arteta-9.2, Malouda-8.8, Torres, 8.5, Drogba-8 ...... A simple click on the ads is the best way to motivate me! Thank you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 35 (LATE)

Sorry as I wasn't able to post in time this week. Was on serious WAR before that.

Fantasy Predictor
My predictions for games this gameweek.

MNC VS MNU [4-2]
BIR VS HUL [2-1]
BLA VS EVE [0-1]
FUL VS WOL [1-1]
STO VS BOL [1-0]
SUN VS BUR [1-1]
TOT VS CHE [2-3]
WIG VS ARS [1-2]
POR VS AST [0-2]
LIV VS WHU [1-1]
HUL VS AST [2-1]

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to boost your fantasy scores.

Gw 35's One-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the gameweek.
Ashley Young - £8.5m
Double gamer with steady form.

Gw35's Predicted Stars
*Dream Team was omitted this week since it has no point due to lateness.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 34

Hell's judgement has been casted on Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool as the former two dropped out of the three horse race together while the latter one only need another victory by Manchester City to officially kick them out of the Big Four family...

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
HUL 1-4 BUR [2-0]
WHU 1-0 SUN [1-2]
WOL 0-0 STO [1-1]
BLA 0-0 MNU [0-1]
LIV 0-0 FUL [3-0]
MNC 5-1 BIR [2-0]
CHE 1-0 BOL [4-0]
AST 2-2 EVE [2-1]
WIG 0-0 POR [2-1]
TOT 2-1 ARS [3-4]

0 Perfect Score(s).
0 Correct Goal Difference(s).
2 Correct Outcome(s).
8 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Verdict: The results this week are simply stunning. Who'd expect Burnley to take three points away?

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.

Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Arsenal

Tottenham ended their 9 year victory drought against Arsenal after a sensational performance by Premier League debutant Danny Rose.

Injury has indeed hurt Arsenal a lot as they couldn't control the game well. Tottenham scored the first goal in as early as 9th minute as 19-year-old Danny Rose fired a volley that can easily enter the top five goal of the season.

The trauma continued for Arsenal as the Belgian defender Vermaelen was injured in the first half.

In second half, superb Gareth Bale scored another goal of Tottenham to extend the lead.

The long injured Dutch - Robin Van Persie - was then subbed on but despite of his ultimate threat to Spurs, it was Bendtner to pull one back for Arsenal at 85th minute.

Still, that goal was meaningless as Tottenham held on to secure a victory which should at least now keep them at fifth, if not better.

Enjoy the goal yourself. Simply fantastic!

The Rest

Rooney-less United once again failed to score any goal as they were held draw by the stubborn Blackburn.

Liverpool had their Champions League hopes all but doomed after Schwarzer performed some five-star acrobatic saves.

Manchester City continued to march forward to send Birmingham five goals which clearly was an big insult to Birmingham's mighty defence in first half of the season.

Burnley got their first away win of the season to give Hull City a heavy 1-4 defeat and thus dragging the relegation battle to the climax.

Aston Villa barely got a draw thanks to an own goal by Phil Jagielka. They will now battle with Liverpool for the slot to qualify for Europa League.

Three bonus points for him.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 34's One-Gamer

Didier Drogba - 5 pts
It was Anelka this week. =(

The Five-Gamers

James Milner (Gw30-34)
Final Score: 22 pts, 3.67 pts per game
Simply disappointing. Ashley Young was a better pick compared to him.

Carlos Tevez (Gw31-35) - 49 pts*
Yet another big bang!

Fernando Torres (Gw32-36) - 15 pts*
Injured unfortunately.

Samir Nasri (Gw33-37) - 3 pts*
Not really productive this week.

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38) - 5 pts*
Quite under my expectations.


Gw 34's Dream Team


Craddock[8] - Zhirkov[8] - G Johnson[6]

Nasri[2] - Nani[3] - N'Zogbia[6] - Malouda[1] - Etherington[3]

Drogba(C)[10] - Tevez[11]

Automatic Substitutions: Etherington for Torres
Substitutes (in order): Sorensen[7] - Huth[6] - Collins[1] - Torres[x]

My Captain: Drogba

Final Score: 60
Best Possible Score: 76

Starting 11 Value: £87.0m
Total Value: £106.7m

Verdict: Bad result.

Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Graham Alexander - 17 pts
He took two penalties!

Fantasy Super Debutant Award
Danny Rose
Rocketed an unbelievable goal that sent Arsenal out of title race.