Score (Gameweek): Arteta-22, Drogba-20, Carew-19, Lampard-18, Malouda-17 ...... Score (Total): Rooney-216, Fabregas-212, Lampard-200, Drogba-198, Bent-166 ...... Form: Lampard-9.5, Arteta-9.2, Malouda-8.8, Torres, 8.5, Drogba-8 ...... A simple click on the ads is the best way to motivate me! Thank you.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 23

Due to the second leg of Carling Cup's semi-final, two fixtures are postponed and the Manchester duo will not be featuring this gameweek alongside with Stoke City and Hull City. Are you having a headache?

Fantasy Predictor
My predicted results of matches this week.

POR vs WHU [0-1]
TOT vs FUL [0-0]
WOL vs LIV [0-3]
BOL vs BUR [3-1]
AST vs ARS [2-2]
CHE vs BIR [1-0]
BLA vs WIG [2-2]
EVE vs SUN [2-0]

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this week.

Aston Villa vs Arsenal
Prediction: 2-2

Unstoppable Arsenal will be visiting Villa Park this midweek as Martin O'Neill's side are thirsty for points in order to prevent themselves from slipping down further from fourth spot.

Wenger is so delighted with the return of Fabregas as the midfield maestro convincingly led the team to defeat Bolton two times in a week. Not only that he's back with his superb assists and goals, but he also activated Arshavin who usually looked so poor without him.

Aston Villa had gone through their latest three league games without a win, but a 6-4 victory against Blackburn in their Carling Cup game has certainly reignited their sharpness and confidence in offence. The wildest victory for Villa this season has saw five different Villans scoring one goal each, with an own goal sandwiched in between.

Despite Arsenal's clearly dominating form and a convincing victory against Villa on their first leg, I think it would be hard for them to snatch three points away from Milner and co. Martin O'Neill will certainly learn from their defeat last time and the lads will fight their best in their journey to pursue for Champions League games.

Can he keep a clean sheet?

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to strengthen up your fantasy team.

GW23's One-Gamer
The highly expected top achiever of the gameweek.

Dirk Kuyt (£9.0m)
The crucial factor for Liverpool to continue their fine form.

GW23's Five-Gamer
The highly expected top achiever in the next five games.

Charles N'Zogbia (£5.6m)
Opponents with weak defences favour Martinez's offensive philosophy.

GW23's Best Line-Up
My preferred squad of the week.


Ivanovic --- G Cahill --- Heitinga

Milner --- Fabregas --- N'Zogbia --- Pienaar --- Kuyt(C)

K Davies --- Kalinic

---Subs (in order): Green, N'gog, Kyrgiakos, Upson---

Captain: Kuyt
Second Captain Choice: Fabregas
Team Value: £97.1m
Starting XI Value: £75.9m

Fantasy Times
The latest premier league news to enrich your day.

FA Cup: Beckford Shines, Arteta Returns, Arsenal Exits

Yet another surprising series of results on FA Cup as Arsenal got defeated by Stoke City. With the third top four last season quitting the tournament, Chelsea is the one left with to protect their pride.

Meanwhile, Beckford once again became the scyther of big clubs as he single-handedly earned a replay against Tottenham at Elland Road. What a surprise to see a player from the third division league of a country to become so popular.

Another thing that worths your attention is the return of Everton's commander - Mikel Arteta. The fantasy hot prospect of previous seasons should be closely monitored. You simply can't afford to slip plenty of points just because you don't bring him in on the correct timing.

You haven't forgotten him have you?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 22

All the fourth place contenders seems not really wanting that very precious spot. How dare Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa all losing points together?

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score prediction.

Final Score [Prediction]
*Correct outcomes are bolded.
STO 1-1 LIV [1-0]
CHE 7-2 SUN [2-0]
MANU 3-0 BUR [3-0]
POR vs BIR [P]
TOT 0-0 HUL [5-1]
WOL 0-2 WIG [2-1]
EVE 2-0 MANC [2-2]
AST 0-0 WHU [2-0]
BLA 2-0 FUL [1-2]
BOL 0-2 ARS [1-3]
ARS 4-2 BOL [3-0]
LIV 2-0 TOT [1-1]
MANU 4-0 HUL [4-0]

2 Perfect Result(s)
1 Correct Goal Difference(s)
2 Correct Outcome(s)
8 Incorrect Outcome(s)

Verdict: Coincidently both the predictions for Man Utd this week are perfectly correct!

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this week.

Stoke City 1-1 Liverpool

Another last minute goal snatched two points from Liverpool as Benitez's pressure continued to rise.

Benitez surprised us again at the start of the game as he deployed SIX DEFENDERS to start the game namely Insua, Aurelio, Kyrgiakos, Skrtel, Carragher and Degen. Combined with Stoke's formation, the game was rather contained.

Surprisingly, Benitez conservative approach actually gave Liverpool the lead as Kyrgiakos struck in the first goal of the match through Fabio Aurelio's free-kick. Yet in the final minutes of the game, a mistake costed them the victory as Robert Huth scored in an unmarked position.

Kuyt nearly helped his side to regain the lead, but luck was again making fun of the fallen club as the ball hit the bar. And before that Lucas had already been booked for a misjudged dive in the penalty box.

My best defender of Liverpool so far.

Chelsea 7-2 Sunderland

An overwhelming performance by Chelsea as Steve Bruce had recorded his worst defeat since he arrived Sunderland.

The game begun totally one-sided and Nicholas Anelka, without surprise, opened the score gate in as early as 7 minutes. Malouda then added another in 17th, followed by Ashley Cole (22th) and Lampard (33th) to end the black cats' hope to recover the deficit in the second half.

Ballack then continued the humiliation with a goal 7 minutes after the break before Sunderland finally reduced the embarrassment with Zenden's goal. But Lampard and Anelka then scored their second before Darren Bent stroke in a meaningless goal at the stoppage time.

Honestly, the Sunderland now really doesn't look like the Sunderland before. How pathetic they are in possession lately.

"Just forget Drogba for awhile."

Everton 2-0 Manchester City

A proud game from Everton after the bombarded Manchester City's defence for the whole game.

Albeit not recording a scoreline as emphatic as Chelsea's, Everton actually dominated the game just like how the London Blues did. Tons and tons of pressure finally fruited as Pienaar continued his shining form through a goal from free kick.

Saha sealed the victory through a penalty to end the Eastlanders' perfect victory streak under Mancini's era.

Give a space of your fantasy squad to Pienaar won't you?


Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

They might have been out of all champions except for UEFA Europa Cup, but sneakily Liverpool had got 10 out of 12 points from their last four league games after the victory against their fourth place rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Attacks kept on exchanged since the game started, and fortunately Liverpool managed to grab the lead as early as 6th minute through a nice dribble by Aquilani which then unexpectedly reached Dirk Kuyt's feet before he gave Gomes a surprise shot.

Then there was a moment where Kyrgiakos kicked a stupid back pass which snatched by Defoe. Fortunately, this time Webb's misjudgement favoured Liverpool and Defoe was given a foul.

The final minutes trauma came again as Liverpool couldn't extend their lead as the game proceeded. But, lady luck gave Liverpool their third victory in their last four after N'gog was being challenged in the penalty box. Dirk Kuyt took the penalty two times before recorded his second goal of the game, and crucial three points for Liverpool.

Surprisingly, Kyrgiakos and Kuyt actually are the top five pointers of the gameweek. o.O

Mr Magical Dirk Kuyt is back.

The Rest

Manchester United crushed Burnley and Hull with the results of 3-0 and 4-0 respectively with the ultimate Rooney scoring 32 points, while Arsenal took six points from two legs against Bolton thanks to the magnificent 24-pointer Cesc Fabregas!

Tottenham became the biggest loser of the gameweek with a 30-shots-0-goal draw with Hull City before they lost to Liverpool. However, thanks to Manchester City's defeat and Aston Villa's goalless draw with West Ham they still sit on the fourth place.

Stearman's red card handed Wigan an important win as Wolves slipped nearer to the relegation zone, while Fulham lost their key man Clinton Dempsey as they lost 2-0 to Blackburn.

Birmingham were unable to extend their unbeaten run as their match against Portsmouth was delayed due to waterlogged pitch.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

GW22's One-Gamer
The highly expected top achiever of the gameweek.

Wayne Rooney (32 pts)
Perfect, magnificent, outstanding, unbeatable, crazy, overwhelming and unbelievable!


Ivan Klasnic (GW18-22)
Final Score: 11 pts
Points per Game: 2.75 pts
Form disrupted by game delays.

Andrey Arshavin (GW19-23) [21 pts - provisional]
Activated by the return of Fabregas. Good job.

Bobby Zamora (GW20-24) [6 pts - provisional]

Fernando Torres (GW21-25) [0 pts - provisional]
Injured as well.

Carlos Tevez (GW22-26) [2 pts - provisional]
He saved his power to fire two against United during League Cup encounter.

GW22's Best Line-Up
My preferred squad of the week.


Dunne(6) --- Vermaelen(12) --- Dawson(8)

Valencia(8) --- Milner(3) --- Pienaar(10) --- Arshavin(14) --- Kranjcar(5)

Defoe(4) --- Rooney(C)(64)

Automatic Substitutions:
Sorensen for Kuszczak
---Subs (unused in order):N'gog(6), Shawcross(2), Carr(X)---

Captain: Rooney
Final Score: 136
Best Possible Score: 139
Team Value: £104.8m
Starting XI Value: £85.4m

Verdict: A big mistake not to bring in Fabregas. All the big names perform greatly, so it's never really an unbeatable score although it's already pass the 130 benchmark.

Fantasy Times
The latest premier league news to enrich your day.

Caveman's Revenge

Our fantasy favourite Mr Carlos Tevez shined as City punished United 2-1 on their League Cup first leg at City of Manchester Stadium.

Giggs opened the scoreline for United, but a controversial penalty which saw Rafael pulled down Bellamy outside the edge of the box saw Tevez gave the equaliser for Manchester City before he eventually headed in his second.

The interesting part was, Tevez, who has promised that he won't celebrate if he scores a goal against his former employer, celebrated provocatively just like his fellow team mate Emmanuel Adebayor. He made a hand sign which instructed Gary Neville who was warming up to shut up, which then was warmly replied with a middle finger. There will be problems for them...

Bad mood.

A Crazy Gameweek

Do you how many points maximum could you possibly score from this gameweek? Two Hundred and Twenty! Still can't get it? 220!!! Yes, 220!!! The gameweek is so crazy that I have gone crazy as well! How many of you would ever imagine that this week 100 points is just so normal and in fact, a poor score? Crazy. Crazy!

I'll run around the four corners of Old Trafford for 3 rounds if I was him.

Fantasy Awards
Some rewards and punishments to players who performed and did not perform this week.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award

Wayne Rooney (32 pts)
I've never imagined any player this season to pass the 30 points gate in any single gameweek.

Fantasy Hidden Gem Award

Sotirios Kyrgiakos (19 pts)
A fourth-choice CB of a club scoring 19 pts in one gameweek? For me this is much surprising than Rooney's form of extremity.