Score (Gameweek): Arteta-22, Drogba-20, Carew-19, Lampard-18, Malouda-17 ...... Score (Total): Rooney-216, Fabregas-212, Lampard-200, Drogba-198, Bent-166 ...... Form: Lampard-9.5, Arteta-9.2, Malouda-8.8, Torres, 8.5, Drogba-8 ...... A simple click on the ads is the best way to motivate me! Thank you.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Link

This site has moved its link to

hope that you can continue your support! Thanks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

FPL Season 10/11 Updates

Dear readers,

I appreciate your support for the past season. Because of you all I have the motivation to continue writing guides to help you all to achieve fantasy excellence.

Please be patient for the new season's fantasy guides. I will be migrating this site to with a new pen name of Peacemaker-J. And I am still working with the layout of the new site.

Meanwhile, you can try clicking on the fantasy links in this site to refer to other fantasy guides before I complete the new site. I appreciate if you guys can give me some recommendations on how to improve the guides this season.

Thank you.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

EPL 2010 Post Season Summary: Part 1

09/10 EPL season is such a spectacular one. Three teams chasing for first for most of the season, added with four teams who competed crazily for a place in Champions League has guaranteed excitements for every fans all around the world. So now, let's see how the teams and players performed, in reality and fantasy, in several chapters.

Chapter One: The Relegators

Pathetically, the gap between the leaders and the bottom pack is pretty wide this season - only 30 points were earned by Burnley who was in the third spot counting from bottom.

Portsmouth: The Tragedy of Money
Occupying the last place, Portsmouth offered no surprise for us - both their performance and fantasy players. Due to financial problems, they have no choice but to sell players, which dramatically reduced their chances to survive in premier league. A nine-point deduction further destroyed their hopes, and their players didn't show much determination to escape from their fate as well. A FA Cup final was rather a great achievement for them, but due to their relegation, they Europe's dreams were fainted, unfortunately.

With respect to their players, I've never got any Pompey's players to my squad. In fact, none of them worthed a place in my team and perhaps your team as well. Even if they worthed it, they would be your fifth midfielder...

You know there's something wrong when their player of the season was loaned from other club...

Hull City: A Tiger Roaring in Pain
Uhm, a tiger in the wild only needs to learn to attack... and so Hull City were learning it only and suffered the consequences of too much of exposure at their back. Four, five or even six goals by their opponent wasn't something surprising from them.

Well, they've got enough of quality in offence to keep them in the premier league, but unfortunately, those stars like Bullard and Hunt were some fragile players in the team. Hunt was the star in the opening of the fantasy league, but dimmed as the season went on. Bullard, who only featured in the second half of the campaign, was consistently visited by some injuries. Still, we just couldn't forget his trademark Phil Brown's Lecture celebration could we?

One of the best scenes this season.

Burnley: Strong Impression, Weak Results
Well, Burnley is one of my favourite team this season... Striking figures like Eagles, Elliott, Alexander and Jensen, added with an unbelievable early season runs had given me some reasons to admire them.

However, their early season sweet dream didn't last long. They just couldn't stop themselves from conceding and their awful away form - which they only managed to grab an away win on their away game - had sent them back to where they were last season.

Their players were good bargains in early of the season, especially Brian Jensen who made a couple of penalty saves and Alexander Graham, a defender who took the spot kick and often played in a more advance position and also scored 17 twice. Elliott and Eagles were decent fifth midfielders as well.

The most eye-catching top gun of the season in my opinion.

Part two may not come that fast... still stay tuned! =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 38

The Blues storm is back again... under Carlo Ancelotti!

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
ARS 4-0 FUL [2-0]
AST 0-1 BLA [2-0]
BOL 2-1 BIR [1-2]
BUR 4-2 TOT [1-7]
CHE 8-0 WIG [5-0]
EVE 1-0 POR [3-1]
HUL 0-0 LIV [2-4]
MNU 4-0 STO [2-0]
WHU 1-1 MNC [1-2]
WOL 2-1 SUN [2-1]

1 Perfect Score(s).
0 Correct Goal Difference(s).
4 Correct Outcome(s).
5 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.


Chelsea ended their season with another a superb eight-goal demolition which not only claimed them their trophy, but also breaking the record to score 103 goals in a single season in Premier League.

Meanwhile, Manchester United also had a big win by four goals. In fact, they should have scored more if Berbatov didn't become Berbaflop.

Arsenal secured their third after a 4-0 victory over Europa-prioritized Fulham. But since Tottenham were lost to Burnley after holding a two goal lead, the Gunners' victory didn't have much significance.

Aston Villa was sunken by Blackburn at home but unfortunately Liverpool were unable to improve their ranking after being held drawn by Hull City. How bizarre is the season for the Reds.

The best goal of the week came from Bilyaletdinov as he curled in a brilliant shot in 90th minute.

A hat-trick from him to get the golden boot.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 38's One-Gamer

Frank Lampard - 16 pts
He's indeed the safest bet.

The Five-Gamers

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38)
Final Score: 37 pts, 7.4 pts per game
Good final day performance.

Gw 38's Dream Team


Bale[12] - Evra[7] - Craddock[2]

Lampard(C)[32] - Malouda[6] - Nani[6] - Arteta[4]

Drogba[16] - Rooney[5] - Defoe[2]

Substitutes (in order): Begovic[1] - Dunn[5] - Carr[1] - Ridgewell[0]

My Captain: Lampard

Final Score: 95
Best Possible Score: 98

Starting 11 Value: £93.1m
Total Value: £110.8m

Verdict: Most of the points came from Lampard and Drogba...

Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Didier Drogba -16 pts
A hat-trick + the golden boot.

And so the 09/10 FPL season comes to the end. Thank you for your support and it meant a lot for me as this is my debut season. Stay tuned for post season analysis and pre season analysis for the next season!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 38

It's the last gameweek of 09/10 FPL season. Give your best and enjoy the world cup coming soon!

Fantasy Predictor
My predictions for games this gameweek.

ARS VS FUL [2-0]
AST VS BLA [2-0]
BOL VS BIR [1-2]
BUR VS TOT [1-7]
CHE VS WIG [5-0]
EVE VS POR [3-1]
HUL VS LIV [2-4]
MNU VS STO [2-0]
WHU VS MNC [1-2]
WOL VS SUN [2-1]

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to boost your fantasy scores.

Gw 38's One-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the gameweek.
Frank Lampard - £13.6m
The motivation to grab title could really bang him a lot of points.

Gw 38's Dream Team
My favourite squad of the gameweek.


Bale - Evra - Craddock

Lampard(C) - Malouda - Nani - Arteta

Drogba - Rooney - Defoe

Substitutes (in order): Begovic - Dunn - Carr - Ridgewell

My Captain: Lampard
Other Recommended Captains: Drogba, Rooney, Nani
Emergency Captain Strategy: Value

Starting 11 Value: £93.1m
Total Value: £110.8m

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 37

All showdowns are over BUT the battle for the TITLE!

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
BIR 2-1 BUR [1-1]
MNC 3-1 AST [1-0]
POR 3-1 WOL [1-1]
STO 0-0 EVE [1-1]
TOT 1-0 BOL [4-0]
LIV 0-2 CHE [1-2]
FUL 3-2 WHU [0-1]
SUN 0-1 MNU [1-2]
WIG 2-2 HUL [2-0]
BLA 2-1 ARS [1-1]
FUL 0-1 STO [2-0]
MNC 0-1 TOT [2-1]

0 Perfect Score(s).
2 Correct Goal Difference(s).
3 Correct Outcome(s).
7 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Verdict: Another disappointing effort.

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.


Gerrard "presented" Chelsea three points after a bad bad mistake for the skipper which allowed Drogba to score the opener. Aquilani had Liverpool's best chance with a shot on the frame before Drogba's goal. Lampard doubled the lead to make it 2-0.

Manchester United continued to choke the neck of the Blues with a narrow victory against Sunderland. Nani had once again saved his team.

Arsenal continued their gloomy end of the season after another defeat given by Blackburn Rovers.

Stoke City had surprisingly conceded zero goals throughout the double-game-gameweek.

Tottenham had ended the race for fourth after winning Bolton 1-0 and then sending Manchester City to Europa League on City's home ground with the same scoreline. You must be smiling if you were captaining Bale or Gomes last week.

The final showdown @ May 9th.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 36's One-Gamer

Gareth Bale - 14 pts
He's indeed the safest bet.

The Five-Gamers

Samir Nasri (Gw33-37)
Final Score: 15 pts, 2.5 pts per game
Arsenal is rubbish without Fabregas. That's it.

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38) - 21 pts*
Not showy, but was good enough.


Gw 36's Dream Team


Bale(C)[28] - Hangeland[2] - Evra[6]

A Johnson[13] - Duff[1] - Etherington[11] - Arteta[3]

Tevez[11] - Defoe[4] - Adebayor[8]

Substitutes (in order): Begovic[14] - Hughes[1] - N'Zogbia[x] - R Johnson[7]

My Captain: Bale

Final Score: 101
Best Possible Score: 107

Starting 11 Value: £80.4m
Total Value: £97.9m

Verdict: Good, but that's just so predictable. Neither disappointing nor impressive.

Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Asmir Begovic - 14 pts
There are four 14 pointers this week, but my vote goes to him since he's only a substitute keeper and Stoke have nothing to fight for as compared to Tottenham.

Fantasy Champions League Realizer Award
Tom Huddlestone
Both victory goals in this gameweek double were related to him. Definitely Tottenham's saviour of the season.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 37

Have you given up? Say "NO"!

Fantasy Predictor
My predictions for games this gameweek.

BIR VS BUR [1-1]
MNC VS AST [1-0]
POR VS WOL [1-1]
STO VS EVE [1-1]
TOT VS BOL [4-0]
LIV VS CHE [1-2]
FUL VS WHU [0-1]
SUN VS MNU [1-2]
WIG VS HUL [2-0]
BLA VS ARS [1-1]
FUL VS STO [2-0]
MNC VS TOT [2-1]

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this gameweek.

Manchester City vs Aston Villa
Prediction: 1-0

Manchester City will host Aston Villa for a direct showdown which will determine which team STILL has chance to sneak into the Champions League bandwagon.

Managed only to get one point out of last three matches with top three, the Eastlanders has now trapped within the big mess with other fourth place contenders. Should they lose points again, bye~

But City is just far too strong at home so I don't think Aston Villa can take any point from Manchester. Adam Johnson, Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor... if they can't score any goal, they should feel guilty for their expensive price tags.

You can actually get four City players this week if you somehow managed to buy Martin Fulop before his team was updated!

Liverpool vs Chelsea
Prediction: 1-2

The title will automatically be on Chelsea side if they can get all three points from Anfield this Sunday.

Chelsea produced a fearsome bounce back after recording their second 7-0 victory of the season. Take note that they are now the team which scored most goals in Europe this season, even more than Barcelona currently.

Meanwhile, Liverpool has been eliminated from UEFA Europa League due to away goal, which should pretty much hit their confidence. They have also fitness disadvantage compared to Chelsea.

The game should be close, and Liverpool should be giving out their best even if that may mean that Manchester United will surpass their league title record, but Chelsea's physical advantage will outmatch Liverpool's lesser physique. The Blues are just built to be tough.

Has been pretty good recently, but can he stop Chelsea?

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur
Prediction: 2-1

A very interesting replacement fixture as Manchester City will battle with Tottenham for the Champions League ticket next midweek.

Both sides will play this weekend so they would not have any fitness advantage against each other.

The match will be close, but I will still back City to win this one due to their good home records. Maybe Gareth Bale can lead their team to strike one or two, but I don't think they can score more than City.

On side note, remember to buy full six players from these two teams for games this week.

All hopes on him.

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to boost your fantasy scores.

Gw 37's One-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the gameweek.
Gareth Bale - £5.9m
Not adventurous, but quite a safe bet I believe.

Gw 37's Dream Team
My favourite squad of the gameweek.


Bale(C) - Hangeland - Evra

A Johnson - Duff - Etherington - Arteta

Tevez - Defoe - Adebayor

Substitutes (in order): Begovic - Hughes - N'Zogbia - R Johnson

My Captain: Bale
Other Recommended Captains: Tevez, Defoe
Emergency Captain Strategy: Value

Starting 11 Value: £78.3m
Total Value: £98.3m

Fantasy Times
The latest football news to enrich your day.

UEFA Europa League: Fulham Smiles Through, Liverpool Falls

Fulham has entered the first ever Europa League final after succeeded to reverse Hamburg 2-1 at home.

Goals from Davies and Gera has helped the club to record a new page in its history.

Meanwhile, Liverpool has failed to secure a English vs English final after losing to Athletico Madrid due to away goal.

Aquilani has helped the Reds to lead before the break and dragged the game to extra time before Benayoun added another in the first four minutes of ET. However, Diego Forlan once again scored the crucial goal which knocked Liverpool out of the tournament and left them trophyless in this embarrassing season.

A marvelous achievement.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 36

So both Manchester United and Chelsea are determined to drag the season to the very last moment!

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
MNU 3-1 TOT [2-1]
BOL 2-2 POR [2-0]
HUL 0-1 SUN [1-1]
WHU 3-2 WIG [2-1]
WOL 1-1 BLA [2-0]
ARS 0-0 MNC [2-2]
AST 1-0 BIR [2-1]
BUR 0-4 LIV [1-1]
EVE 2-1 FUL [2-0]
CHE 7-0 STO [1-0]

0 Perfect Score(s).
3 Correct Goal Difference(s).
3 Correct Outcome(s).
4 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Verdict: Average predictions.

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.


Manchester United ended Tottenham's extraordinary form with a 3-1 victory which consists of two penalties.

Chelsea secured yet another seventh heaven victory with Kalou scoring a hat-trick.

Arsenal and Manchester City were both held goalless. This has statistically ended Arsenal's title hope.

Steven Gerrard scored his first brace of the season to send Burnley back to where they were last season. Aquilani deserves some credit for giving up three assists.

A last minute penalty by Milner has ensured Aston Villa to continue to stay on top of Liverpool.

Parker refused to end up draw with Wigan after scoring the winning goal which provided them the edge to stay in the premiership.

Darren Bent's only was enough to give Hull City a lethal blow. Any points lose by the Tigers or any points gain by the Hammers will officially relegate Iain Dowie's team.

Goodbye forever?

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 36's One-Gamer

Tim Cahill - 5 pts
Not the result I'd expected.

The Five-Gamers

Fernando Torres (Gw32-36)
Final Score: 15 pts, 7.5 pts per game
F for Fernando, F for fragile.

Samir Nasri (Gw33-37) - 9 pts*
Finally provided something.

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38) - 14 pts*
Good, but seemed to have lost his leading role since back from his injury.


Gw 36's Dream Team


Baines[2] - Bale[4] - Craddock[2] - G Cahill[1]

T Cahill(C)[10] - A Young[3] - M Taylor[2] - Arteta[10] - Parker[10]


Automatic Substitutions: Parker for Rooney
Substitutes (in order): Hahnemann[4] - Rooney[x] - Bent[9] - Collins[6]

My Captain: T Cahill

Final Score: 52
Best Possible Score: 69

Starting 11 Value: £80.4m
Total Value: £97.9m

Verdict: Poo.

Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Salomon Kalou - 24 pts
He scored only 32 points for the past 35 games.

Fantasy Hero of the Week Award
Scott Parker
West Ham is now almost on the bank thanks to his decisive goal.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 36

A final push for your fantasy season! Keep fighting!

Fantasy Predictor
My predictions for games this gameweek.

MNU VS TOT [2-1]
BOL VS POR [2-0]
HUL VS SUN [1-1]
WHU VS WIG [2-1]
WOL VS BLA [2-0]
ARS VS MNC [2-2]
AST VS BIR [2-1]
BUR VS LIV [1-1]
EVE VS FUL [2-0]
CHE VS STO [1-0]

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this gameweek.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur
Prediction: 2-1

Fully armed Tottenham will travel to Old Trafford, aiming to grab full nine points from the three consecutive games with top three.

Gareth Bale had been superb against Arsenal and Chelsea, and with Gary Neville marking him, it won't be too hard for him to complete the hat-trick.

Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney is still so quiet since his return from the injury. He has yet to score a goal for Manchester United.

Nonetheless, Tottenham's away form is pathetic and hence I think United should take a narrow win against them...

Will be on high pressure...

Arsenal vs Manchester City
Prediction: 2-2

Adebayor will return to Emirates Stadium to secure a victory which may take them to Champions League.

The Eastlanders have just suffered another last minute defeat to their derby rivals Manchester United, while the Gunners pathetically conceded three goals in the last ten minutes to hand three points to Wigan.

With injuries troubling the home side, City should be able to win easily, but there's too much of uncertainties, with the return of Van Persie and the ridiculous substitutions of Mancini being the keys in deciding the game.

I think for pride, for revenge, for a lesson to Adebayor, Arsenal should be able to defend their homeground...

Ex-captain back to his "new" hometown.

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to boost your fantasy scores.

Gw 36's One-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the gameweek.
Tim Cahill - £8.2m
Fulham should be giving up this game and preparing for Europa League's second league.

Gw 36's Dream Team
My favourite squad of the gameweek.


Baines - Bale - Craddock - G Cahill

T Cahill (C) - A Young - M Taylor - Arteta

Tevez - Rooney

Substitutes (in order): Hahnemann - Parker - Bent - Collins

My Captain: T Cahill
Other Recommended Captains: Arteta
Emergency Captain Strategy: Value

Starting 11 Value: £80.4m
Total Value: £97.9m

Fantasy Times
The latest football news to enrich your day.

UEFA Europa League: Looking Good

Fulham managed to secure a goalless draw away at Hamburg while Liverpool lost 0-1 to Torres' former club Athletico Madrid.

The result is fairly good to Fulham but not quite the same for Liverpool.

While the Cottagers only need a victory at home to get into the final, the Reds will need at least two goals to qualify in 90 minutes. This might be too much without Fernando Torres around.

Can England book both place in Hamburg? Or none of them at all?

Scored the only goal of the first leg.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 35

Interesting gameweek with City and Chelsea the loser and United and Tottenham the winner. The battles for first and fourth are reignited!

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
MNC 0-1 MNU [4-2]
BIR 0-0 HUL [2-1]
BLA 2-3 EVE [0-1]
FUL 0-0 WOL [1-1]
STO 1-2 BOL [1-0]
SUN 1-1 BUR [1-1]
TOT 2-1 CHE [2-3]
WIG 3-2 ARS [1-2]
POR 1-2 AST [0-2]
LIV 3-0 WHU [1-1]
HUL 0-2 AST [2-1]

1 Perfect Score(s).
2 Correct Goal Difference(s).
1 Correct Outcome(s).
7 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Verdict: Unhappy results.

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.

Manchester City 0-1 Manchester United

Mancini has sent his team away from Champions League after making two idiotic substitutions to give United the much needed last gasp victory in order to push for the title.

The game was rather stagnant with the Red Devil's brick on the back, which minimized the attack of the home side led by Carlos Tevez.

However, the game has much changed as Mancini withdrawn Adam Johnson at the second half. That move had pretty much given United much relief in defence and they can now focus more on the offence.

But Mancini's just brilliant. He further destroyed his team by changing De Jong who's capable of halting the threat from the middle with a defenceless Stephen Ireland. And that move proved to be fatal as Paul Scholes scored the victory goal just before the whistle blown.

GREAT, Mancini. =)

That goal can possibly make United's extension on his contract a great great bargain.

Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Chelsea

Another five star performance by Gareth Bale has allowed Tottenham to pass both round of tough league game with full marks.

Chelsea had never won at White Hart Lane since 2006 and the streak was expected to continue as Tottenham had a brilliant start. The ten million pound signing Bale almost won a penalty for Spurs only to be confirmed it was a clean tackle from Ferreira.

But karma has hit John Terry as the captain who escaped from a hand ball penalty last week was accused to touch the ball with his arm. Jermaine Defoe then stepped up to the spot to give the home side the lead.

Gareth Bale then doubled the lead through a spectacular breakthrough over the slow Paulo Ferreira - who I will never trust - to blast the ball over with his right foot.

Terry then continued his catastrophic day with a suspension in around 60 minutes after conceding two yellows. His sending off eventually put off Chelsea's reversal hopes.

Lampard only managed to give themselves a consolation at stoppage time, but that goal served nothing but to allow Manchester United to close the gap back to one point.

The future of Wales.

The Rest

Aston Villa claimed six points from their double gamer for the first time, while Torres-less Liverpool had an easy win against West Ham to keep the battle for sixth an exciting one.

Wigan made a famous victory to reverse Arsenal's two goal lead in final ten minutes and sent the latter out of the title race.

Cheap keeping.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 35's One-Gamer

Ashley Young - 6 pts
Nothing much offered but the 180 minutes of playing time.

The Five-Gamers

Carlos Tevez (Gw31-35)
Final Score: 51 pts, 8.5 pts per game
Great great performance.

Fernando Torres (Gw32-36) - 15 pts*
His season has ended with a surgery.

Samir Nasri (Gw33-37) - 7 pts*
Finally offered something.

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38) - 7 pts*
Not the Didier Drogba I've expected.


Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Matthew Taylor - 15 pts
It's such a long time since we've seen him performing.

Fantasy Big Gamer Award
Gareth Bale
The only left back in EPL that he have yet to surpass is Patrice Evra.