Score (Gameweek): Arteta-22, Drogba-20, Carew-19, Lampard-18, Malouda-17 ...... Score (Total): Rooney-216, Fabregas-212, Lampard-200, Drogba-198, Bent-166 ...... Form: Lampard-9.5, Arteta-9.2, Malouda-8.8, Torres, 8.5, Drogba-8 ...... A simple click on the ads is the best way to motivate me! Thank you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 28

Only eight games this week. Do you need transfers?

Fantasy Predictor
My predictions for games this gameweek.

CHE VS MNC [1-0]
BIR VS WIG [1-0]
BOL VS WOL [2-1]
BUR VS POR [2-0]
STO VS ARS [0-2]
TOT VS EVE [1-1]
LIV VS BLA [2-0]
SUN VS FUL [1-2]

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this gameweek.

Chelsea vs Manchester City
Prediction: 1-0

It's a tough game for Chelsea in their search to extend the lead to four points again as Manchester City will play them at Stamford Bridge this Saturday.

Ancelotti's side had just lost to Inter Milan on UCL, whereas Mancini's army was knocked out of FA Cup.

Tevez is said to be definitely playing this game, and this will be a big factor in deciding the outcome of the game.

But still, they have mere chance at Stamford Bridge. The Lions are inconsistent at away, but at home, it's a totally different story...

Are they invincible?

Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton
Prediction: 1-1

On fire Everton will be looking to crush yet another big club - away from home against Tottenham.

The Toffees have back to back wins against league leaders Chelsea and Manchester United - showing strong offences. Their midfield maestro, Mikel Arteta, is slowly finding back his touches and had already contributed one assist on last game. Not to be forgotten the abundance of talented attackers at Everton such as Louis Saha, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Steven Pienaar, the superloan Landon Donovan and much more.

On the other hand, Tottenham has bounced from their dip of form following two straight victories against Wigan and Bolton. Third striker, Roman Pavlyuchenko, has shown fantastic form in these two games and it'll be no surprise if he started the game this Sunday.

It'll be quite an interesting match-up. If Tottenham wins, it'll be a strong foundation for their top four sprint; if Everton wins, they'll be very close to seventh place - the gateway to Europe.

Surely nobody will want a draw, but I think it'll be highly possible.

"Please stay Donovan!"

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to boost your fantasy scores.

Gw 28's One-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the gameweek.
Dirk Kuyt - £9.4m
With Liverpool at home and Torres still not good enough in terms of fitness, he's the man.

Gw 28's Five-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the next five gameweeks.
Emiliano Insua - £6.2m
I see clean sheetsss coming...

Gw 28's Dream Team
My favourite squad of the gameweek.


Johnson R- Vermaelen - Insua

Duff - Lee - Fabregas - Kuyt(C)

Bendtner - Drogba - Donovan

Substitutes (in order): Hart - Eagles - Bikey - Ridgewell

My Captain: Kuyt
Other Recommended Captains: Fabregas, Drogba
Emergency Captain Strategy: Value

Starting 11 Value: £81.0
Total Value: £98.6

Fantasy Times

Europa Cup: Liverpool and Fulham Got Through, Everton Exited

Fulham earned a crucial 1-1 draw to pass through the next round of Europa Cup, meeting the Italian giants Juventus, while a great display from Gerrard, Benayoun and Babel saw Liverpool beating Unirea 3-1 away from home.

Unfortunately, the giant killer Everton failed to get into the round of 16 after a bad 0-3 defeat by Sporting Lisbon.

One interesting thing to note, with only Manchester United and Chelsea the only two top seven Liverpool need to fight for, this is the golden moment to stock in Liverpool players in your fantasy team as most of the key players are recovered from injuries. The same applies to Arsenal, who has only Manchester City and Tottenham to be considered tough on the rest of their league fixtures.

"Praise me!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 27

One of the higher average score gameweek. Are you dropping from the pack?

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
EVE 3-1 MNU [1-1]
ARS 2-0 SUN [2-0]
WHU 3-0 HUL [1-0]
WOL 0-2 CHE [1-2]
POR 1-2 STO [2-1]
BLA 3-0 BOL [2-0]
AST 5-2 BUR [3-0]
FUL 2-1 BIR [2-0]
MNC 0-0 LIV [0-1]
WIG 0-3 TOT [0-1]
MNU 3-0 WHU [3-0]

2 Perfect Score(s).
1 Correct Goal Difference(s).
5 Correct Outcome(s).
3 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Verdict: Good prophecy? =P

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.

Everton 3-1 Manchester United

Everton had indeed ruined United's hope to climb to the top of the table after giving them a painful 1-3 defeat at home.

Berbatov scored the first goal of the game to give United the lead, but immediately after that Bilyaletdinov equalised and left Everton to dominate the rest of the game.

Two Everton's youngsters - Gosling and Rodwell then added one goal each to give Moyes a sensational back-to-back victory against Chelsea and United.

And now that they are one step closer to Europa League spot, there's a big possibility they can overcome the early season deficits and grab the seventh place...

I think Everton's academy has already outclassed West Ham's.

The Rest

Both Chelsea and Arsenal took the advantage of United's slip down to record 2-0 victory against Wolves and Sunderland respectively.

Aston Villa gave a big lesson to Burnley with a five goal showdown, while Pavlyuchenko's brace gave Tottenham another emphatic victory against Wigan.

Manchester City were boringly held goalless by Liverpool as the race for fourth is still a big question mark.

An important piece of Redknapp suddenly.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gameweek 27's One-Gamer

Wayne Rooney - 15 pts
Shocked us in his first game, but luckily he found back his touch in his second.

The Five-Gamers

Charles N'Zogbia (Gw23-27)
Final Score: 23 pts, 3.83 pts per game
Not brilliant, but decent.

Didier Drogba (Gw24-28) - 36 pts*

Ryan Nelsen (Gw25-29) - 7 pts*
Unfortunately got injured when Blackburn secured a clean sheet.

Liam Ridgewell (Gw26-30) - 2 pts*
A downturn for Birmingham sadly.

Francesc Fabregas (Gw27-31) - 10 pts*


Gameweek 27's Dream Team

Van der Sar[1]

Nelsen[1] - Hangeland[2] - Vermaelen[6] - Evra[7]

Milner[13] - Fabregas[10] - Duff[8]

Drogba[13] - Rooney(C)[30] - Diamanti[7]

Substitutes (in order): Green[9] - N'Zogbia[2] - Upson[7] - O'Hara[1]

Final Score: 98
Best Possible Score: 112

My Captain: Rooney
Emergency Captain Strategy: Value

Starting 11 Value:
Team Value: £106.9m

Verdict: Just nice.

Fantasy Times
The latest football news to enrich your day.

Champions League: Mourinho's Revenge

Jose Mourinho finally completed his vengeance towards Chelsea after successfully defeating them 2-1 at San Siro.

Diego Milito shocked the visitors after scoring a fine goal in as early as 3rd minute. Kalou made the score fair at 51st minute but it only gave the home side four minutes of worry as Cambiasso scored the winning goal at 55th minute.

The result left Mourinho with a sense of pride; while Ancelotti could not escape the bitter of losing to Inter even he is now coaching at England...


FA Cup: Trophyless City

Manchester City became the latest club to declare themselves trophyless after being knocked out by Stoke City in extra time.

The replay had also saw Adebayor to be sent off at 82nd minute, which proved to be lethal to City's progress of FA Cup.

Now, the club composed of billions of pounds has to end their trophy hunt in as early as February... How pathetic.

On the contrary, Tottenham and Aston Villa both qualified to the next round of FA Cup thanks to the marvel of Roman Pavlyuchenko and John Carew.


Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Antonio Valencia - 16 pts
Great performance.

Fantasy Emergence Award
Roman Pavlyuchenko
Four goals in two games. Unbelievable.