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Saturday, May 22, 2010

EPL 2010 Post Season Summary: Part 1

09/10 EPL season is such a spectacular one. Three teams chasing for first for most of the season, added with four teams who competed crazily for a place in Champions League has guaranteed excitements for every fans all around the world. So now, let's see how the teams and players performed, in reality and fantasy, in several chapters.

Chapter One: The Relegators

Pathetically, the gap between the leaders and the bottom pack is pretty wide this season - only 30 points were earned by Burnley who was in the third spot counting from bottom.

Portsmouth: The Tragedy of Money
Occupying the last place, Portsmouth offered no surprise for us - both their performance and fantasy players. Due to financial problems, they have no choice but to sell players, which dramatically reduced their chances to survive in premier league. A nine-point deduction further destroyed their hopes, and their players didn't show much determination to escape from their fate as well. A FA Cup final was rather a great achievement for them, but due to their relegation, they Europe's dreams were fainted, unfortunately.

With respect to their players, I've never got any Pompey's players to my squad. In fact, none of them worthed a place in my team and perhaps your team as well. Even if they worthed it, they would be your fifth midfielder...

You know there's something wrong when their player of the season was loaned from other club...

Hull City: A Tiger Roaring in Pain
Uhm, a tiger in the wild only needs to learn to attack... and so Hull City were learning it only and suffered the consequences of too much of exposure at their back. Four, five or even six goals by their opponent wasn't something surprising from them.

Well, they've got enough of quality in offence to keep them in the premier league, but unfortunately, those stars like Bullard and Hunt were some fragile players in the team. Hunt was the star in the opening of the fantasy league, but dimmed as the season went on. Bullard, who only featured in the second half of the campaign, was consistently visited by some injuries. Still, we just couldn't forget his trademark Phil Brown's Lecture celebration could we?

One of the best scenes this season.

Burnley: Strong Impression, Weak Results
Well, Burnley is one of my favourite team this season... Striking figures like Eagles, Elliott, Alexander and Jensen, added with an unbelievable early season runs had given me some reasons to admire them.

However, their early season sweet dream didn't last long. They just couldn't stop themselves from conceding and their awful away form - which they only managed to grab an away win on their away game - had sent them back to where they were last season.

Their players were good bargains in early of the season, especially Brian Jensen who made a couple of penalty saves and Alexander Graham, a defender who took the spot kick and often played in a more advance position and also scored 17 twice. Elliott and Eagles were decent fifth midfielders as well.

The most eye-catching top gun of the season in my opinion.

Part two may not come that fast... still stay tuned! =)