Score (Gameweek): Arteta-22, Drogba-20, Carew-19, Lampard-18, Malouda-17 ...... Score (Total): Rooney-216, Fabregas-212, Lampard-200, Drogba-198, Bent-166 ...... Form: Lampard-9.5, Arteta-9.2, Malouda-8.8, Torres, 8.5, Drogba-8 ...... A simple click on the ads is the best way to motivate me! Thank you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 10

Hey guys, it's gameweek 10 of FPL and there's England derby this week!

Match by Match Analysis

Home vs AwayAnalysis
Last Five Games
Predicted Score
Predicted Fantasy Hero

WOL vs AST Last game we saw Villa defeated Chelsea with their effective formation. When they can pawn title contenders, I don't see why they can't bully the relegation candidates. Agbonlahor will have a great chance here.

BIR vs SUN Magnificent Sunderland set their way to grab another three points to further strengthen their position on the league, but it'll not as easy as what they expected. Will Darren Bent save the day again?

BUR vs WIG Burnley should continue their monstrous streak at Turf Moor. Wigan will not have the character to stop them. Include at least two of the following in your squad: Jensen, Bikey/Alexander, Elliott or Blake.

HUL vs POR The battle of underdogs. Both teams don't look very convincing, so draw is highly probable. Geovanni is a good pick for these following fixtures.

TOT vs STO Defoe was suspended, but it was actually not much affecting this game as I think Crouch is a better solution against Stoke City. Beware of James Beattie though.

CHE vs BLA My intuition tells me that Big Sam is going to give a hard time to Ancelotti's squad, but Chelsea will still win anyway. They don't deserve to challenge for title if they lose this.

BOL vs EVE Honestly, Everton's current run of form doesn't really impress me. And added with their long list of injuries, Bolton should have the ability to tear them down.

LIV vs MANU Liverpool have lost so much that I think that should be the end. Form simply doesn't count on derby match. Together with their highest desperation to stay on the title match, they should finally stick together and use their biggest rival as the best opponent to bounce back.

MANC vs FUL City must not draw again if they want to get anything out of this season. Murphy is sidelined, so basically the cottagers' play will not be as smooth as with him.

WHU vs ARS Hammers vs gunners. In the reality guns always own hammers; this is the same in EPL. Fabregas should further enhance his status as god in this game.

Recommendations of the Week

Agbonlahor - Great fixtures ahead with double games on next gameweek.

Luke's Dream Team of the Week


Bikey Vermaelen Dunne

Fabregas Milner Taylor Geovanni

Agbonlahor Crouch Bent

Captain: Agbonlahor
Alternative Captain Picks: Fabregas
Team Value: £74.9m

News and Highlights

Clash of Titans
25th October 2009, 14:00 England time, Anfield.

The 171st Northwest derby will be unleashed as the Reds will host the Red Devils. While Liverpool is having their most awful run of defeats since 22 years ago, Manchester United has just levelled Ajax's Champions League away unbeaten record. And with both Torres and Gerrard highly doubtful to play for this weekend, the game looked very positive for United. However, note that in any derby match, form is almost not a factor of determining who's the victor; the mentality and desperation are all that count.

Given that the Reds will not like to take their fifth consecutive defeat in all games, their determination to win must be unbelievably high. It's interesting to see what magic can Benitez make in order to prove to the world that he's a and always a world class manager.

All hopes on them.

A Weird Champions League Matchday
It's one of the most unexpected Champions League matchday on the games that had just passed. Barca? Lost. Real Madrid? Lost. Liverpool? Lost (not really surprising though). Bayern? Lost as well. Arsenal, Wolfsburg and Inter were all drawn by weaker sides as well.

The more surprising ones are three own goals in Rangers vs Unirea Urziceni's game, and also Bayern Munich vs Bordeaux's game where the German side conceded two red cards while the French side had two penalty attempts denied in just one game!

On the Europa Cup we also saw Everton surprisingly got humiliated by Benfica with five goals due to their long list of injuries. What a pity.

"Kaka? Who's him? There's only Pato at Milan!"
(Pato scored a brace to help Milan to pawn Real at Bernabeu)

Moyes' Headache
Everton is now facing their biggest crisis yet of the season as their list of injuries is mounting high. Following Baines' injury before the match with Benfica, David Moyes has now enough number of injured players to form a starting eleven! If Benitez is the most pressured manager in premier league currently, then I think he should be second.

"Anyone can tell me where can I register for Barclays League of Injured Players? I've a squad here!"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 9

Gameweek 9 is a very interesting gameweek, with the beach ball goal expected to be automatically become the goal of the season. Goals are still flying, but as you can see, there is not any single game which has goal difference greater than two. Teams are starting to understand each other and more surprising results are to be expected.

Match by Match Analysis

Final ScoreAnalysis
Predicted Score (Result)
Fantasy Hero (GW Score)
Predicted Fantasy Hero (GW Score)

AST 2-1 CHEJust as I expected, Chelsea was sunken. You can see the Blues weakness from this game - defence against corners.
2-1 (Perfect Result)
Dunne (11)
Agbonlahor (1)

ARS 3-1 BIRThe result is not as emphatic as I expected, but still, they got the job done. King Fabby led the leaderboard of FPL after another great game!
4-0 (Correct Outcome)
Fabregas (8)
Fabregas (8)

EVE 1-1 WOLI couldn't believe that Everton actually lost one of the easiest game in their fixtures at home! I couldn't figure out what's wrong either.
3-0 (Incorrect)
Doyle (8)
Saha (3)

MANU 2-1 BOLValencia unexpectedly scored his first league goal for the Red Devils and sealed ten fantasy points with three points bonus. Taylor again, despite not looking impressive, scored. That's the character of a good fantasy player.
3-1 (Correct Outcome)
Valencia (10)
Giggs (4)

POR 1-2 TOTThe red card of Defoe is definitely a good news for those who didn't own him - three points deduction+a forced transfer/reduced price. Tottenham was lucky enough for not losing it due to his suspension.
0-2 (Correct Outcome)
Boateng, King (10)
Keane (1)

STO 2-1 WHUJames Beattie made a "Return of the King" like performance with his brace of goals. I think that's the trough of his price - it will rise soon.
1-1 (Incorrect)
Beattie (13)
Shawcross (3)

SUN 1-0 LIVHonestly, the balloon goal didn't divert the actual picture of the game. It just made the defeat for the Reds looked even bitter. Great credit to Steve Bruce and his lads. Interestingly, Cana scored his first three points bonus.
2-3 (Incorrect)
Bent (8)
Bent (8)

BLA 3-2 BURA happy result for Sam Allardyce as his team has proven that Burnley always miss their home. Unfortunately, Di Santo who's on fire this game, shut down his fire this game as well with his injury.
2-0 (Correct Outcome)
Di Santo (11)
Dunn (9)

WIG 1-1 MANCSo Adebayor ended his streak of getting more than two points for every game. The result is quite reasonable though as Zabaleta was sent off.
1-2 (Incorrect)
Petrov (9)
Adebayor (2)

FUL 2-0 HUL10 Fulham players scored more than 5 points, with the exception of Murphy and substitutes. Your were unlucky if you owned the captain. Good win.
2-1 (Correct Outcome)
Zamora (11)
Murphy (1)

Luke's Dream Team of the Week: Results

Howard (2)

Baines (2) Vermaelen (2) Shawcross (3)

Fabregas (8) Giggs (4) Murphy (1) Dunn (9*)

Adebayor (2) Bent (8) Saha (3)

Score Before Captain: 44
Score After Captaining Fabregas: 52
Team Value: £78.4m
Player(s) in Dream Team: 1
Legend: Star (*) - Dream Team

The Fantasy Hero of the Heroes Award

The first leader of the gameweek who scored less than 15.

Heroes and Zeroes

Dunne/Collins - Banged down the blue lions with their headers.
Bent - Scored the decisive goal with the aid of balloon.
Valencia - Scored his first goal of the season.
Di Santo - Contributed very much for Rovers victory.
Bruce - Led Sunderland to grab 4 points from the last two games against Man Utd and Liverpool.
Beattie - Opened his account on scoresheet.
Balloon - The first non-living object to score a goal this season.

Man City - Drawn two games consecutively.
Everton - Drawn a game where almost all people expected them to win.
Liverpool - Played like a bunch of schoolboys without Torres and Gerrard.
Lucas/Spearing - Lost totally to Cattermole-Cana duo.
Benitez - On a big crisis after this defeat.
Balloon - Scored an own goal.


Balloon Crushes Liverpool!
This is the biggest joke in EPL this season up to now. While their ultimate Torres-Gerrard duo were absent, a Liverpool fan added salt into their wound by whacking a beach ball which he wouldn't know that it decided the game! And this incident shows again the ridiculousness of referees in EPL nowadays - they should pause the game and remove the ball as stated in the rule about outside interference.

Ball (left) and Man of the Match.

Villa's Defenders' Maverick
It's quite interesting to see how Aston Villa defeated the Blues: two headers from two corners by two defenders! One thing that's interesting is that Villa's defenders contributed 40% of Villa's goals this season and it's the most among all premier league teams. And Martin O'Neill had made a very very good deal to bring in Dunne.

His second spring is with Villa.

Britannia stadium should be full of joy now as their chief scorer James Beattie is back on form gracefully. This is quite a surprise for most of us as he didn't manage to find his bullet for the past eight games. And you know what? Since he now remembers how to score, this is the time to buy him!

The return.