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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 15

The month with the most compact fixtures begins! Pay extra attention in this month or you might dropped out of the fantasy leaderboard!

Match by Match Analysis

Home vs AwayAnalysis
Last Five Games
Predicted Score
Predicted Fantasy Hero

POR vs BUR Burnley is just too weak away. Keep an eye on Chris Eagles.

ARS vs STO Sorry Stoke to meet Arsenal which just lost twice consecutively. Doomed~

AST vs HUL I do like to see Bullard lecturing his teammates again, but seems like it's impossible on this occasion.

BLA vs LIV Tough but come on, they must win. Steven Gerrard should be able to start his dominance in the team.

WHU vs MANU Rooney is unstoppable again! How can West Ham stop them?

WIG vs BIR Nothing much to comment about this one. Not even interested about it.

WOL vs BOL Two of the most awful teams currently.

MANC vs CHE I put my faith on Robinho to repeat his magic when he first joined City.

FUL vs SUN Dempsey Dempsey! *again* Sunderland is just so inconsistent away.

EVE vs TOT Everton is just so pathetic that I've no reason to predict them to score any point.

Fantasy Recommendations

One Gamer of the Gameweek
The highly expected top pointer of the gameweek.

Cesc Fabregas (£11.7m)
Time to release his frustration when Stoke visits them this week.

Five Gamer of the Gameweek
The highly expected top accumulated pointer for the next five gameweeks. Results will be revealed on the fifth gameweek starting from this.

Wayne Rooney (£11.4m)
Easy fixtures ahead for him to top-up his points.

Luke's Dream Team of the Gameweek


Dunne Vermaelen Evra

Eagles Dunn Lennon Dempsey

Agbonlahor Rooney Drogba

Captain: Rooney
Alternative Captain Picks: Drogba
Team Value: £82.7m
Note: No Fabregas on this team as I can get a lot of good midfielders but not good strikers. Have to sacrifice him for god's sake. =(

Fantasy Times

City Out of Draws Finally
Congratulations to Manchester City as they raped Arsenal's youth 3-0 and progressed into the semi-finals of League Cup. They're accompanied by Manchester United which their youth players punished Tottenham 2-0, Blackburn Rovers which surprisingly ended Chelsea's quadruple hopes through penalties and also Aston Villa who won Portsmouth 4-2. Fortunately, their league draw runs is still on and hope that they can draw Chelsea this week to extend the run and reduce the lead of Blues.

Can he score against Chelsea again?

Downing's Return
Yes, the long awaited signing of Martin O'Neill, Stewart Downing has finally recovered from his injury. Despite that, he had already scored his first goal for the Villans at his very own first game for them when they won Portsmouth 4-2. He has a good form, but where can he play when Ashley Young and Milner are already the integral part of Aston Villa's offences?

Much to be done to kick Young or Milner's ass.

Monthly Express: December

The key month of the game with six fixtures. Are you ready???

Luke's Dream Team of November: Results


Faye Ab(-1) Zayatte(12) Hangeland(12)

Fabregas(16) Benayoun(10) Dunn(20) Reid(10)

Drogba(13) Van Persie(7) Torres(0)

Total Score: 110
Average Score Per GW: 36.7

Team Value as at 6/11/09: £83.8m
Team Value as at 4/12/09: £84.3m (+0.5)

Verdict: Not really a good indicator for predicting monthly achievers due to unexpected injuries.

Team Focus
New section which now focuses on the must see teams.

Games: STO (H), LIV (A), BUR (A), HUL (H), AST (H), POR (A)
Expected points: 13
Comments: A combination of difficulties in this month. May easily drop points to Liverpool and Aston Villa. Sell the rest of Arsenal except Cesc Fabregas in your team as the team is now underperforming without Van Persie who is out for five months.

Aston VillaAston Villa
Games: HUL (H), MANU (A), SUN (A), STO (H), ARS (A), LIV (H)
Expected points: 7
Comments: Other than Hull City, all of their opponents this month have much capabilities to suck some points from them. Richard Dunne should be sell if you've yet to do this.

Bolton WanderersBolton Wanderers
Games: WOL (A), MANC (H), WHU (H), WIG (A), BUR (A), HUL (H)
Expected points: 6
Comments: With such easy fixtures, Megson will be fired if he can't take his team out of relegation zone before 2010. Matthew Taylor may be a good gamble.

Games: BLA (A), ARS (H), WIG (H), POR (A), WOL (H), AST (A)
Expected points: 14
Comments: With Torres coming back soon and Aquilani will soon on the starting 11, they've no excuses to drop many points this month unless injuries haunt them again. Fernando Torres must be closely monitored.

Manchester UnitedManchester United
Games: WHU (A), AST (H), WOL (H), FUL (A), HUL (A), WIG (H)
Expected points: 16
Comments: High possibility of collecting full 18 from 18 if they can pass the tests of Villa and Fulham. Wayne Rooney should start his second scoring streak of the season following his hat-trick against Portsmouth.

Games: BUR (H), SUN (A), CHE (A), LIV (H), WES (A), ARS (H)
Expected points: 3
Comments: Such a hard month coming by. Anything more than three points is a success as Burnley is the only opponent they can demolish.

Fantasy Hotshots
The list of must haves to earn both points and values. Unsorted.

Patrice Evra (£6.7m)
With moderate to easy fixtures coming ahead, several clean sheets should be bagged by him.

Fernando Torres (£11.4m)
Top class if he can get rid of injury. A good month for him to bang plenty of points.

Wayne Rooney (£11.4m)
You missed the train if you haven't bought him earlier to boost value. But don't worry, he can still assure you a lot of points with such easy month.

Aaron Lennon (£8.0m)
A lot of sloppy defences for him to tear down this month.

Matthew Taylor (£6.7m)
Surprise? I do hope he can bring surprise to me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 14

A bitter gameweek for gunners as they lost 0-3 at Emirates Stadium! This game actually shows us the title race might end faster than we expected.

Match by Match Analysis

Final ScoreAnalysis
Predicted Score (Result)
Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)
Predicted Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)

BLA 0-0 STO Boring~ Dunn didn't shine this game.
3-0 (Incorrect Outcome)
Emerton (9)
Dunn (1)

FUL 1-1 BOL A game of even stevens. Boring as well.
2-0 (Incorrect Outcome)
Duff, Cahill (7)
Dempsey (2)

MANC 1-1 HUL Seven consecutive draws! See I didn't lie you.
3-3 (Correct Outcome)
Wright-Phillips (10)
Bullard (7)

POR 1-4 MANU Three penalties in one game! This helped Rooney to get his third hat-trick and rocket my fantasy league rankings. =)
0-2 (Correct Outcome)
Rooney (17)

WHU 5-3 BUR The hammers put the game beyond doubt in the speed of light. Still I admire Burnley's spirit to fight three goals back.
2-0 (Correct Margin)
Eagles (16)
Cole (5)

WIG 1-0 SUN Sunderland repeated their usual habit again: win against stronger sides, lose points against lesser teams.
1-3 (Incorrect Outcome)
Scharner (11)
Bent (1)

AST 1-1 TOT A draw as expected. Agbonlahor scored when I put him on the bench! =(
Dawson (8)
Milner (5)

WOL 0-1 BIR A team who is so used of missing chances vs a team who rarely shoots.
0-0 (Incorrect Outcome)
Bowyer (8)
R Johnson (6)

EVE 0-2 LIV Everton was the dominant side for the whole game but somehow, luck was on the reds' side. Special credits for the heroic Reina.
0-1 (Correct Outcome)
Reina (11)
Benayoun (1)

ARS 0-3 CHE They miss Van Persie; their oppositions are happy with Drogba. That's the difference. Two centre backs were dreaming anyway.
1-1 (Incorrect Outcome)
Drogba, A Cole (12)
Essien (3)

Luke's Dream Team of the Gameweek: Results

Schwarzer (2)

R Johnson(6) Upson(x) Evra(2)

Duff(7) Dunn(1) Reid(1) Dempsey(2)

Cole(5) Rooney(17) Bent(1)

Captain: Rooney
Score Before Captaining: 44
Score After Captaining: 61
Team Value: £71.9m

News and Highlights

How They Miss Van Persie...
A 0-3 defeat saw Arsenal now away from Chelsea by 11 points. Yes, it's ELEVEN! Even though they still have one extra matches on hand, but I think they have just joined Liverpool to end their title race.

From the game itself we can see that how pathetic their strike force is without Robin Van Persie. Eduardo is just way too short to take the role as lone striker. Arshavin? Out of form. Vela? Still young. In the following five month, they will suffer.

Wenger's pain.

Mark Hughes' Manchester City is now ten matches unbeaten! But wait, they are also seven matches victoryless now. A draw against Hull City which is so pathetic away now means that Mark Hughes is nearer from quitting the Real Madrid of England. But wait, can he create the longest draw runs in history first before leaving? =P

He should give Hughes a lecture.

The Fantasy Hero of the Heroes Award

Wayne Rooney (17)
A boom of three goals after a long scoring drought.