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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 38

The Blues storm is back again... under Carlo Ancelotti!

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
ARS 4-0 FUL [2-0]
AST 0-1 BLA [2-0]
BOL 2-1 BIR [1-2]
BUR 4-2 TOT [1-7]
CHE 8-0 WIG [5-0]
EVE 1-0 POR [3-1]
HUL 0-0 LIV [2-4]
MNU 4-0 STO [2-0]
WHU 1-1 MNC [1-2]
WOL 2-1 SUN [2-1]

1 Perfect Score(s).
0 Correct Goal Difference(s).
4 Correct Outcome(s).
5 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.


Chelsea ended their season with another a superb eight-goal demolition which not only claimed them their trophy, but also breaking the record to score 103 goals in a single season in Premier League.

Meanwhile, Manchester United also had a big win by four goals. In fact, they should have scored more if Berbatov didn't become Berbaflop.

Arsenal secured their third after a 4-0 victory over Europa-prioritized Fulham. But since Tottenham were lost to Burnley after holding a two goal lead, the Gunners' victory didn't have much significance.

Aston Villa was sunken by Blackburn at home but unfortunately Liverpool were unable to improve their ranking after being held drawn by Hull City. How bizarre is the season for the Reds.

The best goal of the week came from Bilyaletdinov as he curled in a brilliant shot in 90th minute.

A hat-trick from him to get the golden boot.

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 38's One-Gamer

Frank Lampard - 16 pts
He's indeed the safest bet.

The Five-Gamers

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38)
Final Score: 37 pts, 7.4 pts per game
Good final day performance.

Gw 38's Dream Team


Bale[12] - Evra[7] - Craddock[2]

Lampard(C)[32] - Malouda[6] - Nani[6] - Arteta[4]

Drogba[16] - Rooney[5] - Defoe[2]

Substitutes (in order): Begovic[1] - Dunn[5] - Carr[1] - Ridgewell[0]

My Captain: Lampard

Final Score: 95
Best Possible Score: 98

Starting 11 Value: £93.1m
Total Value: £110.8m

Verdict: Most of the points came from Lampard and Drogba...

Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Didier Drogba -16 pts
A hat-trick + the golden boot.

And so the 09/10 FPL season comes to the end. Thank you for your support and it meant a lot for me as this is my debut season. Stay tuned for post season analysis and pre season analysis for the next season!