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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 36

So both Manchester United and Chelsea are determined to drag the season to the very last moment!

Fantasy Scoresheet
Results of my score predictions. Correct Results are bolded.

Score [Prediction]
MNU 3-1 TOT [2-1]
BOL 2-2 POR [2-0]
HUL 0-1 SUN [1-1]
WHU 3-2 WIG [2-1]
WOL 1-1 BLA [2-0]
ARS 0-0 MNC [2-2]
AST 1-0 BIR [2-1]
BUR 0-4 LIV [1-1]
EVE 2-1 FUL [2-0]
CHE 7-0 STO [1-0]

0 Perfect Score(s).
3 Correct Goal Difference(s).
3 Correct Outcome(s).
4 Incorrect Outcome(s).

Verdict: Average predictions.

Fantasy Commentary
Summary of interesting matches this gameweek.


Manchester United ended Tottenham's extraordinary form with a 3-1 victory which consists of two penalties.

Chelsea secured yet another seventh heaven victory with Kalou scoring a hat-trick.

Arsenal and Manchester City were both held goalless. This has statistically ended Arsenal's title hope.

Steven Gerrard scored his first brace of the season to send Burnley back to where they were last season. Aquilani deserves some credit for giving up three assists.

A last minute penalty by Milner has ensured Aston Villa to continue to stay on top of Liverpool.

Parker refused to end up draw with Wigan after scoring the winning goal which provided them the edge to stay in the premiership.

Darren Bent's only was enough to give Hull City a lethal blow. Any points lose by the Tigers or any points gain by the Hammers will officially relegate Iain Dowie's team.

Goodbye forever?

Fantasy Report Card
Results of my fantasy line-ups.

Gw 36's One-Gamer

Tim Cahill - 5 pts
Not the result I'd expected.

The Five-Gamers

Fernando Torres (Gw32-36)
Final Score: 15 pts, 7.5 pts per game
F for Fernando, F for fragile.

Samir Nasri (Gw33-37) - 9 pts*
Finally provided something.

Didier Drogba (Gw34-38) - 14 pts*
Good, but seemed to have lost his leading role since back from his injury.


Gw 36's Dream Team


Baines[2] - Bale[4] - Craddock[2] - G Cahill[1]

T Cahill(C)[10] - A Young[3] - M Taylor[2] - Arteta[10] - Parker[10]


Automatic Substitutions: Parker for Rooney
Substitutes (in order): Hahnemann[4] - Rooney[x] - Bent[9] - Collins[6]

My Captain: T Cahill

Final Score: 52
Best Possible Score: 69

Starting 11 Value: £80.4m
Total Value: £97.9m

Verdict: Poo.

Fantasy Awards
A list of credits (embarrassments) to players.

Fantasy Top-Gun Award
Salomon Kalou - 24 pts
He scored only 32 points for the past 35 games.

Fantasy Hero of the Week Award
Scott Parker
West Ham is now almost on the bank thanks to his decisive goal.

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