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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Depth Pre-Season Analysis: Chelsea

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Fantasy Premium Pick: Lampard (12.5, click here for player statistics), Bosingwa (7.5), Anelka (10.5)
Fantasy Top Pick: Zhirkov (7.5)
Fantasy Good Pick: A. Cole (7.0), Terry (7.0), Malouda (7.0), Cech (6.5), Drogba (10.5)
Fantasy Gamble Pick: Deco (8.5)

Note: The parentheses ( ) after a player name states his price.

Chelsea had had an happening annum last season. From arrival of Scolari to brilliant perfomance of Deco, then to his humiliating departure and the arrival of the master of miracle - Guus Hiddink... After such a troublesome season, it was not surprised that they got only third with abundance of talents in their team. The first question of this season for Chelsea: Is Carlo Ancelotti another Scolari or another Hiddink?

Goalkeepers and Defenders
As top three, Chelsea's defence is definitely one of the most reliable ones in the premier league if you have the budget. Having 19 of 38 league clean sheets, Petr Cech is a very good bargain - at least for his consistency. Of course you can say that it's better to get Schwarzer simply because he got more chance to perform, but having a world class keeper like Cech will give you more security. The only downside of him is his low playing time as a keeper (3150 mins compared to Reina who appeared for all 38 games or 3420 mins) and also his high price.

The defenders deserved the credit of one of the best defence too. Bosingwa, ranked #4 of all defenders in fantasy premier league scoreboard, performed well in both defense and offense last season with 18 clean sheets, 2 goals and 4 assists. Even at the price of 7.5 he is still a good product to be purchased. Terry, the captain is also a good buy, but his return rate will not be as much as Bosingwa due to his role as CB. Ashley Cole is a weaker Bosingwa but still too superior than most of the defenders of the league while Alex if not for his new 7.0 tag, should be a hot pick for substitute. And as for Zhirkov, he should be a good choice if he ends up playing as a midfielder, I have a question before about him: can this Russian fit well into premiership run and gun style? And based on his debut game against Milan, I am pretty sure that the answer is yes.

Who's the talisman of Chelsea? I guess 10 out of 10 Chelsea's fans will vote for Lampard. The same for all the people who know about football. Scoring a sky high 226 points, he's not the guy you can afford to miss. Lets look at these superior stats:
  1. At least 60% of the game Lampard played with Chelsea ended up with at least one goal or assist from him.
  2. He started 37 of premier league games last season, and ranked third for playing minutes amongst all the league midfielders.
  3. He scored 12 (ranked fifth of all players) goals and 10 assists (ranked first), which in total gave him 100 fantasy points.
  4. He was the leader of bonus points league with an unbelievable figure of 46 points (17 points in front of closest competitor).
  5. He scored 6.1 points per game and was ranked third in this criteria.
With above ultimately convincing facts, it is definitely a bad decision to rule out Lampard from your team, even with his 12.5 mil price tag.

Frank Lampard

Malouda is also good to observe for - if he can perform something like what he had done in the late stage of last season and, most importantly, he can victor over Zhirkov for his position. Not to be forgotten as well the Portuguese named Deco - is he a part of Carlo's plan?

We have a golden boot here in Chelsea's frontline, Anelka is definitely a good bargain for striker, especially when all the forwards last season did not show a good result on their report card. At 10.5 he's cheaper than both Rooney and Torres, but more decent and injury-free as well. But will he have less playing time under Carlo's Chelsea? "Didier played very well and for us he is a very important player," I think Carlo's word had left us a lot of puzzle especially when Drogba scored in recent game against Inter Milan. Guess that we just have to wait for the season to start to solve this labyrinth.

Nicolas Anelka

08/09 Game Season Statistics
Top Pointers: Lampard (226)
Most Goals: Anelka (19)
Most Assists: Lampard (10)
Most Bonus: Lampard (46)
Most Clean Sheets (Defensive Line): Terry (20)
Points per Value: Cech (26.3)
Points per Game: Lampard (6.1)

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