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Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Depth Pre-Season Analysis: Everton

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Fantasy Premium Pick: Lescott (7.5)
Fantasy Top Pick: Cahill (8.5), Arteta (8.5), Fellaini (7.0), Jagielka (6.0), Baines (6.5)
Fantasy Good Pick: Pienaar (6.5), Osman (7.0)
Fantasy Gamble Pick: Jo (7.5), Saha (7.0), Yakubu (8.0)

Note: The parentheses ( ) after a player name states his price.

Merseysiders are tough, aren't they? The toffees had an doomed start last season but managed to fight their way back for the fifth position of the league, and all of that was due to their toughness - even against the big four.

Goalkeepers and Defenders
Thanks for their great CBs Everton is regarded as one of the hardest opponent to play with in the premier league. Joleon Lescott, only second to Vidic in the defenders' table, is the main pillar of Everton's line-up both offensively and defensively. With 16 clean sheets, 4 goals, 2 assists and 21 bonuses, he's the hot pick of Fantasy Premier League. Still, his partner, Phil Jagielka, didn't let him to shine alone in the Everton's defensive line. His bonus points of 25 - even higher than Lescott, has shown his significance at Everton. Well its unlucky though as he will only be recovered from injury approximately on November. Besides them, Baines is also a strong member of the toffees. Playing only for about 2/3 season, his 1 goal and 7 assists committed will surely secure his starting position next season.

Howard, although scored a lot of points last season, is not a good bargain simply because of his price. He don't have much chance to perform saves either standing at the back of one of the top defence in the league.

Everton have the finest midfielder combinations as well. Firstly, they have a superb playmaker and set-piece taker Arteta who should have scored at least 150 fantasy points if not due to his long injury. Secondly, they have an Australian ace Tim Cahill who can play as CAM or even ST and scored a lot of goals during all of their strikers' absence. Thirdly, they have a super afro-head Fellaini who can boom in a lot of headers even against the top four. Last but not least, they also have the likes like Osman and Pienaar who may not sparkle as much as the ones before but yet provided decent performance and gave a notable number of goals and assists. Note that I never really recommend for Neville this season as he's a midfielder now. He only delivers a mere amount of goals and assists and now, he's lost the great 4 points for each clean sheet.

Tim Cahill (right) and Maruonne Fellaini

Everton's strikers are doubtful. They have the big names like Yakubu, Saha and Jo, but their outputs were never really met my expectations. Only a total of 15 goals from them last season really make me to piss them off. But since the main factor for it was due to their series of injuries, so you can consider to give them a chance to prove for themselves in your team.

08/09 Game Season Statistics
Top Pointers: Lescott (172)
Most Goals: Cahill, Fellaini (8)
Most Assists: Pienaar (8)
Most Bonus: Jagielka (25)
Most Clean Sheets (Defensive Line): Howard (17)
Points per Value: Neville (28)
Points per Game: Arteta (5)

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