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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tips for Newbies

1. Buy for long term, not for one game
Yes, it's important to look for the fixtures, but NOT ONLY for the NEXT GAME. It's simply not worth it to buy one player just because you think that the player is capable of landing big points for you next game, when he'll have insane fixtures (eg: vs the top four) for several games after that. This means that he'll most probably miss out all the points after this game, when you can't even guarantee that he'll definitely bring you double figures this game. So, always find for players with several good forthcoming fixtures. This will give you a stable flow of points and minimize your number of transfers needed (note that each additional transfer after the first costs you 4 points).

2. Be objective
"Oh, I am a fans of xxx, so I shall include him on my team for all 38 gameweeks!" "xxx is sucks, I'll never buy him for the whole season!" Seriously, get rid of this type of attitude if you wanted to score high, if not winning the game. Select players that you think are good in form and not your subjective judgements about them.

3. Do not pool players only from several teams only
Are you trying to buy players from 5-6 clubs only, ie 3 (maximum) players from each respectively? My advice: DON'T. Firstly, unless that club is having a big win, it's almost impossible that all three of the players you picked will land you big points. Secondly, what if the players from the two clubs you have chosen are encountering each other? Three of them from the losing club wll most probably gives you nothing other than the 2 points earned for the minutes played, or the worse, 6 of them earn low scores together due to draw. Spread your selections, spread the risk.

4. Give priority to set piece takers
It's simple. A goal from a corner gives the corner kick taker an assist, a direct FK gives him a goal or assist, and a successful PK will land you points for goal. So always find someone who is responsible for set pieces and is accurate at it.

4. Money talks
One of the interesting features from fantasy premier league is that you can actually earn team value by buying and selling players, thus making it possible to bring in a lot of big names in your team. To earn more values, simply buy the player that scores double figure in that gameweek asap, i.e. right after the match ends. Then leave it for one week and you'll see that his value will most probably rise for 0.2 already, which means you can earn 0.1 by selling him. The reason behind this is that a player's price is rise due to the influence of his net transfers that gameweek by all the managers, so you actually earn more by taking one step faster than the rest.

5. Stay alert
Sometimes the latest news such as injuries and transfers can bring a big effect of your gameweek's result. For instance, your player might get injured just several hours before the game, so your speed in getting the news can help you a lot in restructuring your team to maximise your points.

6. Understand the chain reaction
An injury or transfer of a particular player doesn't mean that only he himself get affected in terms of scoring points. It usually is a start of a chain reaction. For example, if Gerrard is transferred from Liverpool to Chelsea, the whole Liverpool team is expected to perform poorer without his presence (less goals, less assists) meanwhile Chelsea will be on the opposite. Another example is the departure of C. Ronaldo. While Man Utd may perform poorer, Rooney is expected to get more points as now the team should be revolved around him.

7. Do your homework
Well, statistics is a very useful tool to help you to build your team. Season reviews, match history, goals and assists figures... with these knowledges you will have a higher level of advantages.

8. Greed is no good
While increasing team values may give you a better source of points, it is advisable not to get too over of it. Do not make a numerous number of transfers just to get higher team value. By the time you actually managed to get all those big stars, your team's scores may already far far away from the leaders. Be rational.

P/S: In depth statistics for each team will release soon. Stay tuned. =)

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