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Friday, July 10, 2009

Price is Rocketing...

For those players who yet to enter their new teams, you might think that: "Yay, Ronaldo is gone, I'll have more money to spend for my squad now!" Well, in this case, SORRY, YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG.

I was about the same thought before as well before I really entered my team. But when I actually started to select my squad, headaches came across. The most expensive keeper trio: Cech, Van der Sar and Reina, is now 6.5 each. Schwarzer's price has boosted to 5.5 as well, though the price for him is still reasonable.

As for defenders, while Vidic still crowned for the Premier League's most expensive defender (8.0), Chelsea has three players (Terry, Bosingwa and Zhirkov) that reached the 7.5 price mark together with Liverpool's newcomer Glen Johnson and Everton's almighty Lescott. One thing that striked me is the price hike of Aurelio who is now on par with his vice captain Jamie Carragher.

Now for the midfielders. The Blues and Reds ace - Lampard and Gerrard, both shared the throne for the fantasy league's most expensive players - 12.5 each, after Ronaldo's departure. It is expected isn't it? Meanwhile, Arshavin surpasses his captain's price (11 for Arshavin, 10.5 for Fabregas) to become the most expensive player of Arsenal. Whereas Ireland has became the player with the highest price rise - from 5 at the beginning of last season to 9.0 now!!! This will become a headache for managers as Ireland was once the most profitable player in both scoring points and earning team values before. Not to be forgotten the price rise of United's new wing Valencia as well.

City's young ace Stephen Ireland

Meanwhile, the striking force had faced a little bit of depreciation. Torres, although still the most expensive striker now, has dropped his price to 11.5 due to the lack of playing time last season. Whereas Rooney is now the runner up (11.0) and is predicted to be a good bargain due to the fact that Ferguson is predicted to rotate the team around him now. Whereas Adebayor's price has dropped as well due to his under par performance last season.

With such insane price tags now, it's really quite hard to build a team with all the stars. Managers should start to keep your eyes on those cheap and decent players, especially from those newcomers (Birmingham, Burnley and Wolves).

Best of luck for next season.

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