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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fantasy Premier League 09/10 Pre-Season Started!

Once again, the world's most favorite fantasy football game new season is going to be started. Players can now start to build their teams again!

For those who are new, read about fantasy premier league here.

So what's new with this season?

Lets see what that has been written in their official site:

1. Private Head to Head Leagues

In addition to a public head to head league, you'll be able to set-up head to head leagues with your mates. Every Gameweek there's a real match to be played and temporary bragging rights to be earned!

Optionally you can end your season with a knock-out cup between the top teams, nothing will be decided until Gameweek 38!

2. Emergency Captain

Never again will rotation policies or last minute injuries leave your team leader less! In the event of your captain not playing in a Gameweek a new captain, either the player with the highest form or price value at the start of the gameweek, will be selected based on your emergency captain strategy.

Why no vice captain? With the emergency rule you guarantee a captain, with a vice captain you still run the risk of both players not playing.

3. Use your free transfer next Gameweek

Don't need to make a free transfer or forget one week? If you don't use your free transfer in a Gameweek then it will carry over to the next Gameweek.

The unused transfer will only be carried over for one Gameweek though, the wildcard will still be the only way to change your team completely at no cost once a season.
Coming in August ...

4. Improved mobile site

Our mobile site will be overhauled so it functions well and looks good on all modern handsets. They'll be no excuses for missing out on that last minute transfer or not checking your points at full-time on Saturday!

5. Numerous interface enhancements

Some of the other things we're working on:

* Easier than ever to set-up your starting 11, captain and substitute priority for the upcoming Gameweek.
* Improved fixtures and results page where assist and bonus point information will be easily accessible.
* Enhanced notes page which will be accessible from everywhere.

With these newly added features, the new season of Fantasy Premier League is gonna be more exciting! What are you waiting for? Register at!

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