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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Depth Pre-Season Analysis: Liverpool

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Fantasy Premium Pick: Gerrard (12.5, click here for player statistics), Torres (11.5, click here for player statistics), Kuyt (9.5)
Fantasy Top Pick: Carragher (7.0)
Fantasy Good Pick: Reina (6.5), Johnson (7.5), Benayoun (7.5)
Fantasy Gamble Pick: Insua (6.0), Skrtel (6.0), Agger (6.5), Riera (7.0), Babel (7.0)

Note: The parentheses ( ) after a player name states his price.

The empire strikes back! After missing a great chance of clinching the title last season, the Reds are determined to snatch the EPL title this season to end their 20 years drought. And with CR7 departed from Man Utd and the change of Chelsea's manager, Rafa Benitez's squad seems to have the best chance over 20 years to grab for the title. Will Liverpool finally made it and protect their position as the leader of the English top division league?

Goalkeepers and Defenders
Lets talk about the keeper first. Pepe Reina, undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world, has shown his all roundness as a keeper - wonderful saves, steady commanding good field analytical skills... all these makes him a rare breed as the last man of the team. Unfortunately, his fantasy premier league points was limited due to the resolute defensive line of Liverpool, just like what Petr Cech and Edwin Van der Sar experienced. 169 points last season is unarguably spectacular in the keepers table, but the return rate isn't. My advice: he's good, but there are BETTER CHOICES.

As for their defenders, Jamie Carragher is surely one of the best bargain every season. The vice captain of Liverpool is the only man who appeared in every games of Liverpool, which make him the only lad to earn many clean sheets points amongst all his defending teammates. Glen Johnson is also expected to be quite a good choice he should be starting regularly for the forthcoming season, although he's a little bit overpriced. Whereas since Aurelio will be substituted frequently for Insua and Agger will be competing with Skrtel to partner with Carragher, thus they are quite risky to be included in your team.

Talking about Liverpool's midfielders, you simply couldn't deny the ultimate influence of the skipper Steven Gerrard. The captain marvel is always the heart of Liverpool's attacks and the leader of the team for victories and victories. Just like Lampard, I'll state the important reason to include him in your team:
  1. Stevie G is one of the only two men to be included in the 200 pointers' club (216 pts).
  2. He achieved this milestone mark by only playing more than 600 minutes less than his fellow countryman - Frank Lampard.
  3. He scored 16 goals (ranked 2nd in overall), 10 assists (ranked in 1st overall) and a fantastic 35 bonus points (ranked in 2nd overall).
  4. He scored in average 7 points per game, only second to the newcomer last winter Andrei Arshavin.
  5. He is more desperate than everyone else in the league to end his club's 20 year title drought.
Well, of course, you need to pray that he will not have any long injuries again this season.

Besides him, the owner of the position in the right flank, Dirk Kuyt, is also too good to be missed. With 193 points last season, his value of 9.5 is simply too good to be missed. And now here's the points to fortify my statement:
  1. He was the third highest scorer of the FPL last season.
  2. He contributed 12 goals and 8 assists in total last season, which in total gave him 84 points.
  3. He's the main choice for Rafa Benitez as forward when Torres is injured, which will give him more chances to score goals.
  4. As his nickname Mr Duracell suggested, he played 3170 minutes last season - significantly the highest playtime among all his midfield partners.
Besides besides them, Yossi Benayoun who is capable of striking decisive goals can also be a hot pick, should he have enough of minutes played. While for Babel and Riera, it's really hard for me to recommend them as neither of them are impressive enough for Rafa to pick him as the regular starter of the left wing. And we must forget Alonso for now due to his great transfer saga who is still yet to be ended.

Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt - an incredible duo who scored 400 points together last season.

Oh well, who could forget the most expensive forward in FPL Fernando Torres? Even at the price of 11.5, it worths every single cent to include him in your team, given that he's healthy throughout the whole season. The best proof was his points per game of 5.2 last season - the highest of all forwards. With him the only one who plays upfront for the Reds, he'll definitely be the major source of goals for Liverpool. Lets see if he'll become the King of EPL after the departure of Christiano Ronaldo, as what he claimed. Also prepare your eyes for their youth talents such as Nemeth and Pacheco as they might give you surprises this season.

Fernando Torres

08/09 Game Season Statistics
Top Pointers: Gerrard (216)
Most Goals: Gerrard (16)
Most Assists: Gerrard (10)
Most Bonus: Gerrard (35)
Most Clean Sheets (Defensive Line): Carragher, Reina (20)
Points per Value: Reina (26)
Points per Game: Gerrard (7)

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