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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Depth Pre-Season Analysis: Arsenal

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Fantasy Premium Pick: Arshavin (11.0, click here for player statistics)
Fantasy Top Pick: Van Persie (10.0)
Fantasy Good Pick: Fabregas (10.5), Nasri (8.0), Eduardo (8.0)
Fantasy Gamble Pick: Rosicky (7.0), Bendtner (6.5)

Note: The parentheses ( ) after a player name states his price.

As one of the big four of the Premier League, the gunners are well-known for their emphasis on the youth players. Therefore it is not surprising that the average age of their whole squad is only somewhere around 23 years old, and that is the main reason why they can only secured the fourth position last season.
Now lets look for their good players according to their positions...

Goalkeepers and Defenders
Arsenal defences weren't that bad, but they were quite a distance compared to the rest of the big four family. Why? Because they were lack of toughness. Moreover, other than Clichy, Sagna, Gallas and Toure, the rest of the pack frequently makes mistakes, which made them easily conceded goals last season, especially during the absence of the main CBs which forced Wenger to introduce to slow and old Silvestre. The youth of the squad also was proven a double edge for them, allowing them to produce great results against big clubs, yet giving some "surprising" results while playing against the likes such as Stoke and Hull. I'll vote no for Arsenal's defenders, mainly due to their inconsistency. With the values of them, I can get better defenders yet cheaper than them.
Whereas for the keeper part, Almunia (6.0) is indeed good, but still a level below of Cech, Reina and Van der Sar. And don't forget you can even save 0.5 million pounds by getting Schwarzer - the champion of goalkeepers last season.

With the likes like Fabregas, Walcott, Arshavin and Nasri (out for 3 months unfortunately), Arsenal's midfield is the only line which is on par with the rest of the league leaders. With the speed of Walcott, the creativity of Fabregas and the lethal shots of Arshavin, the gunners can crush any defence line of the Premier League. And not to be forgotten also the finally recovered Rosicky who had proven his value seasons ago. Arshavin is a must if you are an Arsenal fans. Remember how he scored four goals with just four shots at Anfield? And he is a midfielder now which means you will earn one more point for every goal he scored!!!

Andrei Arshavin

If you really wanted to choose Arsenal's forwards, you simply got no choice other than Robin Van Persie (10.0). Being the most consistent scorer in Arsenal (other than Arshavin), he's quite a decent deal to be considered. His most possible partner, Eduardo Da Silva (8.0), might be a good choice for his low price as a big four's main striker. Bendtner (6.5), on the other hand, worth to be gambled if Van Persie or Dudu is injured. The rest of the striking force are still not matured enough and thus, better say no to them.

08/09 Game Season Statistics
Top Pointers: Van Persie (149)
Most Goals: Van Persie (11)
Most Assists: Van Persie, Fabregas (10)
Most Bonus: Van Persie (20)
Most Clean Sheets (Defensive Line): Almunia (15)
Points per Value: Denilson (18.3)
Points per Game: Arshavin (7.2)

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