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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Topic of the Fortnight: The Worrying Factors

Welcome dear readers, and it's time for the topic of the fortnight again. I think that it would be interesting to discover the worrying factors for the following clubs: Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and Manchester City. So, lets get going...

Liverpool: The Lack of Spare Tyres
Well, you see it don't you? While the English FA gives each team seven places on the bench, I think Benitez only have one which he can totally rely on - Benayoun. Pathetically, the lack of funding combined with Benitez's experimental purchases over these years had made his squad's depth as shallow as rain puddles. Just look at the front line: Arsenal has Arshavin, Van Persie, Eduardo and Bendtner to rely; Chelsea has Anelka, Drogba and Kalou available; Robinho, Adebayor, Bellamy and Tevez are all available at Manchester City; Manchester United got Rooney, Berbatov and Owen. But when Torres is injured, Benitez is forced to push Kuyt upfront because he's his one and only one reliable player who can substitute El Nino as striker!

"Rafa needs us. Lets get rolling!"

Man Utd: Sir Chewie's Overconfidence
Sir Alex Ferguson is a man worthy to be both respected and hated. He levelled United's title credentials to Liverpool's, nurtured the likes like Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Nevilles and much more, and also led United to become the first treble champions; yet he complained a lot about his defeats and pushed all the responsibilities to the third party, spoke uncountable numbers of ridiculous lame jokes and regarded himself as the emperor of English football.

Well get back to the topic. Why do I think that Fergie is too optimistic this season? It's obvious - he earned 80 million pounds through Ronaldo's sale yet he didn't bring on any world class replacements. This was shown again in the game against Sunderland last fortnight where Ryan Giggs was not even on the bench! Come on, he's not injured, why not putting him on the bench so that he can come out and save the team when needed? Welbeck on the starting 11? He's simply too overconfident.

Chewing gum keeps his breath fresh, but not his mouth.

Chelsea: Unprepared for Downtimes
Feeling that this is absurd? Well, hah, they just got beaten again, so think about it. They're in a quite dangerous position now as their main problems are still hidden, which Ancelotti will have less time to fix them should they float to the surface. Even Scolari recorded a long run of victories before eventually dropped out of Man Utd-Liverpool title race faster than the speed of light. I think the Blues are just to comfortable about their position right now that if their tactics get dissected by their opponents, they can say bye bye to the EPL trophy again. Not to bluff, but see how they fallen by two Aston Villa's headers? They should really buck their self up and do their best every game to prevent unnecessary slip-ups.

He needs to be more aware of his squad's weaknesses should he want to stay longer than Scolari...

Manchester City: Dissatisfaction of Star Players
Sooner or later, the internal breakout of Manchester City will arise. Just look at the signings they've got: Roque Santa Cruz came the earliest as he thought that he can partner with Robinho, only to realize that he doesn't even know in what position does Hughes put him on; Tevez joined City with a hope to gain his playing time, but that turns out to be somewhat impossible; Robinho joined last season as he didn't see his future with Real Madrid, but now his future doesn't look bright at England as well. With Bellamy unexpectedly joined the battle of the sky blue army's strikers, several of them might outburst their frustration and eventually breakup the squad's unity and morale. Good luck, Mark Hughes.

"Oh boy, just be good and listen to papa's words."
"Why should I? I don't even get sweets for that!"

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