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Friday, August 7, 2009

Team Picking Guides: Part 4

For Part 1, which guides you about picking your core players, click here.
For Part 2, which guides you about picking your goalkeepers, click here.
For Part 3, which guides you about picking your defenders, click here.
For Part 5, which guides you about picking your forwards, click here.

And now you have reached Part 4, the guide to pick your midfielders. Here's what a good midfielder in FPL does:
  1. He should provide a significant amount of goals and assists (combined figure of at least 10).
  2. He should collect plenty of bonus points (preferably 20++).
  3. He should start regularly at his team.
  4. His team should be able to collect some good amount of clean sheets.
  5. He is the first choice of the team to take free kicks, corners or penalties (in general cases).

Expensive (£8.5 onwards)
Most of the team aces or captains of bigger clubs fall on this price range and are main bonus points collectors.

Lampard (£12.5m), Gerrard (£12.5m), Arshavin (£11.0m)
Refer to Part 1.
Fabergas (£10.5m)
Although he's good, but I would rather spend an extra 0.5m for Arshavin.
Kuyt (£9.5m)
Can he repeat his form last season?
Cole (£9.0m)
He will have difficulties to grab for his position.
Ireland (£9.0m)
Sweet bargain last season, but not this season for his price.
Cahill (£8.5m)
Pray for the injuries for Everton's strikers, and he'll have the chance to rocket his points again.
Arteta (£8.5m)
Certainly a good bargain for his free kicks.
Deco (£8.5m)
Certainly too expensive for a season long sub.
Malouda (£8.5m)
A guy capable of challenging Joe Cole for a place.
A Young (£8.5m)
Villa's new core player after departure of Barry.
Valencia (£8.5m)
Will he able to make the fans to forget Ronaldo?


Mid Range (£6.5-8.0m)
Still a lot of good aces and set piece takers at this category.

Barry (£8.0m)
Great potential but also high risks with City.
Wright-Phillips (£8.0m)
Hopeless with so many forwards now in City.
Nasri (£8.0m)
Certainly talented but still too young.
Kalou (£8.0m)
I'm unsure of his role under Carlo Ancelotti.
Ballack (£8.0m)
I don't expect him to be a great FPL player to play beside superb Lampard.
Walcott (£8.0m)
Arsenal youths are all inconsistent.
Essien (£7.5m)
DM stand no place at FPL.
Benayoun (£7.5m)
Always give great performances, but his playing minutes is so limited.
Carrick (£7.5m)
Quite good for his price.
Downing (£7.5m)
Too inferior to compete with A Young.
Modric (£7.5m)
Can he lead the team to success?
Lennon (£7.5m)
A little bit more improvement and he'll be a hot bargain.
Nani (£7.0m)
He's nowhere from Ferguson's plan.
Giggs (£7.0m)
If he doesn't age...
Milner (£7.0m)
Will he be sacrificed for Downing?
Petrov (£7.0m)
Somehow looks very good in pre-season games.
Rosicky (£7.0m)
He'll need to overcome his injury first.
Riera (£7.0m), Babel (£7.0m)
Both are having some problems to success at Anfield.
Osman (£7.0m), Fellaini (£7.0m), Pienaar (£6.5m)
The strong trio of Everton's offense.
Bentley (£7.0m)
Another doomed spell at Tottenham?
Taylor (£7.0m)
Too good to be missed out.
Kranjcar (£7.0m)
The best of Portsmouth, currently.
Murphy (£6.5m)
He grabs all the penalties don't him?
Dempsey (£6.5m)
Watch out for his goals.
Hargreaves (£6.5m)
He had already flirted with the physios for years.
Tosic (£6.5m)
He's nowhere with that price.
Gamst Pederson (£6.5m)
A revival under Big Sam? Not that positive.
Jenas (£6.5m)
Certainly not impressive, although not bad.


Cheap (£6.0m and below)
A good gamble on here will give you great surprises!

Geovanni (£6.0m)
Hull's one man strategy will not be effective anymore.
Scholes (£6.0m)
I don't think he'll have a big role this season.
Malbranque (£6.0m)
Good attacking possibilities.
Gomez (£6.0m)
Forget about Wigan.
Milijas (£6.0m)
As far as I know, he's Serbian league's player of the year.
Park (£6.0m)
Maybe a bigger role this season.
Bullard (£6.0m)
He to lead the tigers to safety?
Delap (£5.5m), Lawrence (£5.5m)
Decent players.
Eagles (£5.5m)
An important lad of Burnley.
Palacios (£5.5m)
Not much prospect in FPL.
Fletcher (£5.5m)
How many games will he feature this season?
Kightly (£5.5m)
19 assists also in EPL?
Wilshere (£5.0m)
One of Wenger's product of stubborness for youth.
P Neville (£5.0m)
He'll get nothing with his status as a midfielder.
Lucas (£5.0m), Mascherano (£5.0m)
Big names from South America who are not favorites in FPL.
Riise (£5.0m)
John Arne Riise's younger brother.
Mikel (£5.0m)
Good value.
Cattermole (£5.0m)
Famous because of rumours with Liverpool?
Anderson (£5.0m)
His only know how to shoot wide.
Cana (£5.0m)
He might be a big bonus collector.
Marney (£4.5m)
Phil Brown's most underestimated player.

I expect you to invest around £37-45m in this area due to the fact that midfielders have the ability to give you the most points on the field. Note that each goals by midfielders give you 5 points, and with a midfielder who takes free kicks and penalties he'll definitely much more profitable than forwards. So always make your way for set piece takers as these are easiest way to score goals and assists.

How to start your midfielders? If you have 5 good midfielders, deploy all of them for every game unless you can almost assure that any particular player won't get anything more than two points that week. And of course, captain your big guns you if they are playing against weak clubs for that gameweek.

My Top 5 Picks (Excluding Core Players in Part 1, In Order)
  1. Murphy - Cheap deal with high score. He's old but accurate and takes free kicks and penalties for Fulham.
  2. Taylor - An ace for £7.0m who scores a lot is certainly too good to be missed.
  3. Arteta - He has a high points per game figure thanks to his great free kicks.
  4. Fabregas - He isn't the captain of Arsenal for nothing.
  5. Kightly - He is a great talent in attack.
Other good picks: A Young, Kuyt, Barry, Modric, Lennon, Milijas, Fellaini, Delap, Mendy, Carrick, Dempsey, Valencia

For Part 1, which guides you about picking your core players, click here.
For Part 2, which guides you about picking your goalkeepers, click here.
For Part 3, which guides you about picking your defenders, click here.
For Part 5, which guides you about picking your forwards, click here.

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