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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Team Picking Guides: Part 1

For Part 2, which guides you about picking your goalkeepers, click here.
For Part 3, which guides you about picking your defenders, click here.
For Part 4, which guides you about picking your midfielders, click here.
For Part 5, which guides you about picking your forwards, click here.

After a detailed descriptions and recommendations for players of 20 teams of the premier league, now I should give you a guide on how to construct your teams.

This is part 1, consisting of picking the core players of your team. Here are the characteristics of a core player:
  1. He is expected to supply you at least 180 points for the whole season.
  2. He'll usually be the captain due to his high possibility of scoring double figures.
  3. He is usually the man who claims bonus points.
  4. He is one of the most expensive man of FPL.
  5. He is magnificent on the actual arena of football.
And now lets analyse the kings of FPL one by one, in no particular order...

Frank Lampard


Lampard's attacking sense added with his accurate ball delivery makes him one of the best CAM in the world. The perfect player in Fantasy Premier League.

Expected Points: 210
Risk: 10%
Positive Factors: Main FK and CK Taker
Negative Factors: Aging

Steven Gerrard


The skipper of Liverpool is a borned leader who is never willing to give up. He's a less accurate version of Lampard, but his ability to dribble eventually crosses out that inferiority.

Expected Points: 210
Risk: 20%
Positive Factors: Main FK and CK Taker, Hunger for Trophy
Negative Factors: Possible Leaving of Xabi Alonso

Andrei Arshavin


The new tsar of Russia had shaken the arena of football since his arrival from Zenit St Petersburg. His superb shooting accuracy added with his outstanding teamplay had set him up to be the ace of Arsenal as soon as he arrived.

Expected Points: 210
Risk: 15%
Positive Factors: Superb Accuracy, Wonderful Intepretation on Field
Negative Factors: Arsenal's Inconsistency

Wayne Rooney


The expected new ace of Manchester United will back to his favorite position - CF this season. With the teams now rotate around him instead of Ronaldo, the most ferocious striker of the league will shine.

Expected Points: 190
Risk: 20%
Positive Factors: Ronaldo's Departure (He's the New Ace)
Negative Factors: Ronaldo's Departure (Possibly Less Assists)

Fernando Torres


The speed, height and goaling sense of the number 9 of Liverpool makes him one of the fearest forward of EPL. But on top of that he'll need to make sure that he's free from any injuries.

Expected Points: 200
Risk: 35%
Positive Factors: Lone Striker
Negative Factors: Fitness, Possible Leaving of Xabi Alonso

The team that own 5 of them altogether will definitely win the season, but sadly with £100m you can't do that. The most optimum solution is to own 3 of them. With less you will have a high possibility to score low for some weeks, especially when the both of them clash with each other or their team battle against other big four respectively in the same gameweek; with more the rest of your team will surely be a crap as you'll be forced to buy all those £4.0m players.

Why don't replace them with cheaper star such as Robinho, Ashley Young, Arteta etc such that you can get more stars? Now here's the comparison of Lampard-Gerrard-Arshavin (Team Red) vs Kuyt-Arteta-Fabregas-Van Persie (Team Blue):
  1. The sum of points per game for all members of Team Red was 20.3 last season; it was only 20.2 for Team Blue which has one extra people.
  2. If we captain Arshavin, then Team Red will have 27.4 points in average; by captaining Kuyt, Team Blue will only get 25.3 points in average.
  3. If we multiply the figure with 35 games a season (3 games accounted for injuries, fatigueness etc), Team Red will get a grand total of 959 points; Team Blue will only get 886 points.
  4. Team Red costs only £36m in total; Team Blue costs £38.5m.
  5. Team Blue is much worse in terms of fitness (except Kuyt).
I believe you are smart enough to make your choice right?

Personally Lampard will definitely take a position of my big guns trio, with only one of Gerrard or Torres can stay to reduce the risks. Arshavin should be taken if you picked Torres while Rooney is the one for the opposite. I don't recommend for Lampard, Gerrard and Arshavin trio as there are a lot of promising yet cheap midfielders who are primary set piece takers, while the players with such criteria are rare in forwards.

My prefences in order (with justification):

1. Lampard - Arshavin - Torres
Torres is a better deal than Rooney for only an addition of £0.5m
only, while Arshavin is much cheaper than Gerrard. Perfect
balance in value and performance.
2. Lampard - Gerrard - Rooney
Lampard with Gerrard will maximise the scoring for you. Rooney is
chosen instead of Torres to reduce the risks of having low scores
when Liverpool is not in form.
3. Gerrard/Lampard - Arshavin - Rooney
Cheaper but most possibly lower scores as well.

The dont's:

1. Lampard - Gerrard - Arshavin
There are a lot of cheap and decent midfielders compared to strikers.
Don't sacrifice them just because this trio will get the most points.
2. Torres - Rooney - Arshavin/Lampard/Gerrard
It's too risky as you'll only score high when there are goals around.

For Part 2, which guides you about picking your goalkeepers, click here.
For Part 3, which guides you about picking your defenders, click here.
For Part 4, which guides you about picking your midfielders, click here.
For Part 5, which guides you about picking your forwards, click here.


Fred Ooi said...

More explanation for "core players":

Obviously the core players are determind by player's price, and player price are determined by last season's performance. this means they are well proven points getter based on their past. (i think Fabregas is not accepted as "core player" because he's not scoring enough goals...also he's injured for half of last season)

There are 3 players with 10.5 tag, which is Fabregas (easily not the choice because of Lampard and Gerrard), Drogba and Anelka. Many people fails to decide between Drogba and Anelka and thus rather not choose them (it's obvious :P). But once you make correct choice, you get the edge over other teams. Based on pre-season performance i think Drogba has shown a sign that he will return strongly. (of course there's some risktaking in it. I'm saying this because he's been playing well so far) But at this point i think we should consider Drog as one of the core players already.

Luke MYXVIII said...

Sure for Drogba, he has came back to his peak form, something really powerful... nice elaboration anyway... =)

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