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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Team Picking Guides: Part 2

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After selecting the core pointers of your team, now we should proceed to part 2, which is about picking goalkeepers for your team. Lets read the following important facts first...

A good goalkeeper of FPL should:
  1. Secure a lot of clean sheets (at least 15 if he's a member of big four, 12 for others).
  2. Perform a lot of saves (at least 120 unless he's a member of big four).
  3. Have at least 95% of playing time (hardly ever absent).

Expensive (£6.0m onwards)
It's never worthy to buy expensive keepers as cheaper keepers are very great value multipliers. Still, a expensive keeper may give you more security since they are more stable compared to the cheaper ones.

Van der Sar (£6.5m)
The chief goalkeeper of Man Utd is unarguably the best last season due to the Reds Devil successful defences. But he won't have that kind of performance every season - especially when he needed to rest for hectic schedules.
Cech (£6.5m)
The Cech for this season is promising due to arrival of Carlo Ancelotti. Carlo will definitely bring in his Italian style of football to Chelsea - which means more defense.
Reina (£6.5m)
It's a highly doubtful season for Reina. The departure of Xabi Alonso is a great blow to the Reds' defense.
Howard (£6.0m)
While Moyes is a great man in structuring Everton's defence, it's highly doubtful for Howard to shine before we can confirm that Lescott will stay.
Almunia (£6.0m)
Arsenal's defense is never good enough to enter my team.


Mid Range (£5.0-5.5m)
In this price range we can find some decent keepers - if you can make a good guess.

Schwarzer (£5.5m)
As good as ever. But you have to take account for Fulham's hectic calendar this year.
Given (£5.5m)
He's proven, but City's defense isn't yet.
Friedel (£5.5m)
No Martin Laursen=No Good Defense?
Green (£5.0m)
Good lad. Great? Wait and see.
James (£5.0m)
So many uncles at Portsmouth and you still want him? Better think twice.
Gomes (£5.0m)
He can shine under Harry Redknapp... but only at White Hart Lane?


Cheap (£4.5m and below)
Cheap doesn't mean bad. There are a lot of cheap keepers who are good bargains as well.

Gordon (£4.5m)
This year might be Sunderland's year, so pay attention to him.
Jaaskelainen (£4.5m)
He's good, but he's playing for a midtabler.
Robinson (£4.5m)
I don't see in any way Blackburn's defense is going to improve this season.
Kirkland (£4.5m)
I don't expect a keeper from a poor club to shine.
Sorensen (£4.0m)
Too cheap to be missed out, don't him?
Hart/Taylor (£4.0m)
I need to know who will start for Birmingham first.
Jensen (£4.0m)
A keeper for a team expected to be relegated won't do any good for your team.
Myhill/Duke (£4.0m)
We'll need to see what Phil Brown can change this season.
Hahnemann (£4.0m)
Forget about it. Offense is the best defense for Wolves.

So who should be picked for your starting keeper? If you want the highest security, I'll suggest Cech. You'll be delighted with Carlo's emphasis on defense, which will leave Cech to do as least number of saves as possible.

If you don't have the budget, then Schwarzer's a great choice. His heroic saves added with Fulham's strength will at least secure him score plenty of clean sheets again this season. Also have a look on the good yet inconsistent Gomes.

Still want cheaper? Sorensen is the choice. Stoke's rigid defense will help him. Gordon is considerable too with Bruce around.

While for substitute keeper, you should get someone who is £4.0m. No point having a world class keeper like Reina or Cech only to sit on your bench for at least 30 games right? You should instead invest on other areas. Sorensen and Hart/Taylor (depends on who'll get the starting position) are the best choice to bench your team.

My Top 3 Picks (In Order)
  1. Cech - Always the best keeper, and now even better with Ancelotti who'll definitely help strengthen Chelsea's defense. Expected pts: 180.
  2. Sorensen - Stoke's greatest assets. At £4.0m, I don't see anyway to rule him out of my team. A must for me. Expected pts: 140.
  3. Gomes - I think this year will be Tottenham year under a full season management of Harry Redknapp. Gomes will get a lot of clean sheets, at least at home. Expected pts: 150.

Other good picks: Reina, Van der Sar, Schwarzer and Jaaskelainen.

For Part 1, which guides you about picking your core players, click here.
For Part 3, which guides you about picking your defenders, click here.
For Part 4, which guides you about picking your midfielders, click here.
For Part 5, which guides you about picking your forwards, click here.

1 comment:

Fred Ooi said...

for the start of this season i opted not to invest on keepers but instead on defenders. so far it works as both my selection, Sorensen(4.0) and Hart(4.0) are getting good points. from past experience we know there will be some cheap keepers that will score high in the start. we just need to identify them. same idea goes with defender. in this way u can save precious money for BIG players and RESTRUCTURING of team (without doing multiple transfers).

into midseason you can make your choice: whether to stick with your cheap but high scoring keeper (points from alot of saves) or choose a consistent but expensive keeper (like van der sar last season). the timing is important. you can't make too many keeper switches throughout the season. just choose the way you like.

also always check the Teams selected by option to see who is the current popular keeper choice. you don't lose too much when you make the same choice as others.

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