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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poll of the Fortnight: Who'll Be The Top Pointer For 09/10 Season?

Hi guys, on every week I'll post a poll result and a discussion topic alternately, and I'll begin with poll of the fortnight first.

Since the opening of this blog there's a poll on the sidebar in which you can vote for the top pointer for 09/10 season. And the results are as follows:

Andriy Arshavin (29%, 32 votes)
I wasn't surprised for this. Arshavin led for most of the time in my poll by a significant amount of difference with runner-ups. In fact I think everyone is impressed with his superb 4 shots 4 goals performance at Anfield. His power is proven, but with Fabregas good fitness condition currently, will his portion of performance shared with Cesc?

Frank Lampard (27%, 30 votes)
As a CAM in the diamond midfield formation of Ancelotti this season, most of us expect him to contribute more in offense, which led to his position of first runner-up in my poll. I've never doubt for his attacking prowess, but with today's Drogba's spectacular performance, will his glow be covered up by Didier?

Steven Gerrard (21%, 23 votes)
Stevie G is always the great collector of fantasy points, but he might be slightly demoted this season. With the spectacular performance of Lucas currently and the ex-Roma ace Aquilani who can run between the lines, the shared burden of Gerrard might proved to reduce his fantasy points as well, which makes the result sounds logic.

Wayne Rooney (10%, 11 votes)
A lot of people hold their view on Rooney. While he's the team ace now, he's not the type who is able to score 25-30 goals per season. He's much more like a striker who draws attention and helps his teammates to score by his great runs. A top three for him is reasonable for me, but the top 1? Still long way to go.

Fernando Torres (8%, 9 votes)
Due to existence of Steven Gerrard, the casting of vote towards him are pitily low. Basically Gerrard's form will be always better than him and also since Gerrard scores 5 points for every goal compared to Torres' 4, favour will always go to Gerrard. Better luck for this season.

Others (2%, 3 votes)
While the above 5 will always be the hot pick for this year, there's still people voting for other potential man. Well, I don't know where did the 3 votes go to, maybe Droga, Adebayor or whoever, but miracle does exist. So lets just wait and see.

So what say you?

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