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Monday, August 10, 2009

Gaming Strategies

Fantasy premier league isn't a hard game to play, but it needs some skills to master it as well. In this post I'm going to teach newbies on how to take advantage on some general rules of the game.

As you can see from the meaning of the word itself, captain has a big role in FPL - it doubles the score that particular player earns. So basically if you captain a man who earned you 20 points for a particular gameweek, your performance will be very good as you earn 40 points from one single person! As I mentioned before, get several expensive big guns who'll always have high possibility of earning double figures and captain them to maximise your score, and always give the priority to the one who has the best fixtures, i.e. playing against weak clubs.

Not to be forgotten that there's now a emergency captain feature in FPL which means that you'll not have big trouble if your assigned captain is injured or drawn out of the game on last minute. You can choose for highest value and best form for this, and my suggestion would be stick to the former one. Players with higher value will earn you at least 1 goal or assist most of the time while a cheap player with great form might suddenly lose his firepower.

Your biggest decision of the game.

As real as reality, FPL also emphasises on your economic intelligence. As a player's price fluctuate according to his performance in reality, a good buy and sell move can potentially earn you more money to invest and improve on your team. By thus, buying all the big names in one team isn't possible.

The thing that I wanted to warn you here is to increase on the quality of transfer, but not quantity. One to two transfers per week certainly doesn't harm you much, if you make a correct move as it'll give a good future to your squad. However, a giant number of transfers for one gameweek just because all of them only get 2-3 points for that particular week is silly. Any transfers beyond one (or two if you didn't swap for anything on the previous week) will deduct you 4 points, and if you do that everyweek basically you're out of any title race. So be rational and wise - think thrice before making any move.

And now the economy aspect. Every rise of £0.2m based on player's buy-in price will give an extra £0.1m bonus on sell. For example, if you buy Rooney on £11.0m and his price rise to £12.0m after one month, you can sell him for £11.5m. While the price increment might be tempting, I advise you not to sell those price hikers for no reason unless their form are dropping significantly or there are other better potential price hikers. Note that price drop from player's buy-in price will not half your loss in selling though.

For those who wanted to gain advantage in terms of team value, here's the guide. Grab the players (especially the cheaper ones) who get double figures at that gameweek as soon as the game ends (or whenever you sure of he'll get 10++ points). As a player's price fluctuates due to both his performance and all the gamers' transfer movements, the early birds will get their rewards. However, I don't encourage you to make all those transfers just to maximise the team value unless you wanted to be a cash team, i.e. on the top of the team value table.

The new rule for this season is the accumulated free transfer, which means that you can transfer two players for free if you didn't make any transfer during the last gameweek. What a good news to all gamers.

Spend smartly.

A wildcard is a special weapon in FPL where you can do unlimited number of transfers for that particular gameweek. There's no particular golden period in using your wildcard except for this following conditions:
  1. Your team is totally out of form.
  2. Your team has a lot of injured players.
  3. There's a far better combinations of players which score much higher scores with the same price.
Use it when you're on trouble.

Double the Game, Double the Score
How is it possible? A team will have double fixtures for one gameweek if they are forced to delay a game for any particular game due to cup matches, bad weather etc. So this means the players from that team will have two times of playing time and thus, higher probability to get extra goals and assists. Even if they doesn't, at least 4 points is secured instead of 2 (unless there are any cards). Hence it's a great chance to maximise your score by taking in all the players with double fixtures and captain the best among them. However this only applies to on form teams or big clubs. You won't risk your points by taking in relegation battlers to your team right?

A lot of people are underestimating the benchers of their team, but they can make a big difference. Substitutions will be in your team whenever your starters are rested, injured or banned from a game, so you can't simply make fun of them. I'm not saying that you should get some expensive players into your team to become substitutes, but please don't fill in your last few players with no character but only cheap. At least bring in some substitutes who are consistent starters for their team and able to deliver goals and assists occasionally and yet cheap. If you don't know who are them, just navigate to my team picking guides and team-by-team analysis!

A small pawn can make big changes.

And that complete's my final part of basic guides. 5 days now from 09/10 season and my fantasy lists of August will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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