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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monthly Express: August

Okay guys, fantasy premier league is just 5 days from now... Lets get it started!

In this post I am going to guide you on picking your players for the month of August, as well as to evade some of them. Firstly, lets analyse by teams first...

Teams to Pick
Chelsea - A very easy month for them.
Manchester City - Easy month as well, although they play no games at GW2.
Manchester United - Three easy games before a big clash against Arsenal.
Tottenham - They have Hull and Birmingham to bully this month.
Stoke City - They played against two promoters during August.

Teams to Avoid
Arsenal - They'll be absent on GW2 and fight with Everton and Man Utd at August.
Bolton - They have two games fighting Arsenal and Liverpool.
Burnley - A doomed fixtures for them this month. Almost guaranteed to bottom the table this month.
Everton - They've back to back games with Arsenal and Man City.
Fulham - They don't play at GW2 and will fight Chelsea and Aston.
Portsmouth - They'll fight Fulham, Arsenal and City.
Wigan - A quite bad calendar for them.

Basically by following the fixtures you'll reduce the risk of earning low points.

Now lets talk about the players...

Potential Players of the Month
  1. Lampard - With all those weak opponents around, the chances for him to seal more than 20 points this month is very high.
  2. Cech - Clean sheets expected.
  3. Bent - Sunderland's best player ATM.
  4. Lucas - He's the best player of pre-season for Liverpool. Has a high chance of playing as CAM instead of Gerrard.
  5. Robinho, Adebayor - I expect at least 3 goals from them this month.
  6. Beattie, Fuller - I expect the same thing from them.
  7. Stoke's defenders - They might get 3 clean sheets if they are lucky enough.
  8. Milijas, Ebanks-Blake - All of their opponents' defense aren't that tough.
Lucas Leiva
Be ready for surprises from him.

The "No"s of the Month
  1. Liverpool's defenders - They are having a sloppy pre-season with series of injuries.
  2. Gerrard - I'm still unsure of his position: CM or CAM?
  3. Man City's midfielders - The line-up remains a mystery.
  4. Man Utd's defenders - With Foster/Kuszczak behind, this is risky.
Long Injuries (Key Players of FPL)
  1. Van der Sar - 1 month
  2. Aquilani - 1-2 months
  3. Nasri - 2 months
  4. Rosicky - 1-2 months
  5. Downing - 4 months
  6. Jagielka - 3 months
  7. Bullard - 1 month
  8. Hargreaves - 1 month
Note: The period stated may fluctuate according to the players' conditions. Short injuries will only be listed on gameweek pre-analysis.

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