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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 1

Gameweek 1 has ended with a lot of excitements. While all the games were ended with victors produced, it was indeed quite surprising that most of the visiting teams won. Now lets see the results:

Results My Prediction
Chelsea 2-1 Hull City Correct winner
Aston Villa 0-2 Wigan Incorrect
Blackburn 0-2 Man City Correct winner
Bolton 0-1 Sunderland Incorrect
Portsmouth 0-1 Fulham Correct
Stoke City 2-0 Burnley Correct winner
Wolves 0-2 West Ham Correct winner
Everton 1-6 Arsenal Correct winner
Man Utd 1-0 Birmingham Correct winner
Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool Incorrect


You couldn't guess it don't you? While everyone was worried about Arsenal's weakened squad this season, they proved that the public's speculation are wrong by a sensational win against Everton. Can you even believe that they start their season with a convincing goals galore? Not to mention that their opponent was Everton who is renowned for their great defense. A very good job by the Gunners.
Hull City
Phil Brown might gave an unhappy experience to the public, but definitely not his team. What a hard game he had gave to Chelsea, not to mention it was at Stamford Bridge. Oh well, if not for Drogba's flukeful last minute goal, the Blue Lions had already sunk by the Tigers on their very first league game under Carlo Ancelotti.


In contrast to Hull, Chelsea's performance was bad yesterday. Again the problem they were exposed to since last season had shown again - their failure to break the deadlock against stubborn defenses, especially at home.
Aston Villa
How pathetic they were in this game. Well, Martin O'Neill bears most of the responsibility anyway - to sell off the playmaker and yet failed to replace him. Yes, you know who the playmaker is. With no dictator of the ball on the field like Barry and an agressive defender like Laursen, I don't see any bright future for the club, at least for this year.
What a heavy loss they suffered yesterday. 6 goals conceded in just one game. Just as what I expected, Lescott is fooling himself for wanting a move to the richest club in EPL. Everton will have a bigger trouble of losing Jagielka than Lescott, and this is proven in their clash against Arsenal.
Alonso's effect is injuring them. An ultimately awful first half display by them. Babel was going nowhere with his disappointing performance. Another long wait for their title drought I suggest.


Fabregas (22 points)
Oh my goodness, the captain is back on fire again - 2 goals and 2 assists. It's fair enough to say that he demolished Everton with his superb form, while his teammates had set a good opening for him. Definitely a big selection headache for fantasy players, but do feel lucky as he won't be available for GW2 - worry about it later.
Shawcross (15 points)
He did it again, with much grace. Based on last season's statistics, whenever Shawcross scored a goal, he'll get 3 bonus points most of the time, and so did him yesterday. Another great job done by him - considering he's only £4.5m. One of my most precious lad in my team.
Noble (14 points)
This was indeed out of my expectations. A guy who scored less than 3 figures last season score double figures on his first league game? Pretty surprised for me. Still, with only £6.0m, if he can continue the form, grab him.


Lampard (2 points)
He disappointed me, heavily. I expect him to shine playing with one of the relegation candidates, but what has he done? No goals and assists: acceptable. Mere number of shots: frustrating. Simply the worst player one gameweek 1 when compared to his skyhigh price.
Babel (2 points)
Rafa gave him the chance to start for Liverpool, and he totally screwed it. Numerous chicken runs added with bad connection with teammates made him look nothing but an idiot on the pitch.

  1. Vermaelen - He scored the first goal on his debut as a defender. Great lad to be watched.
  2. Upson - He looks promising with a goal and a clean sheet.
  3. Wright-Phillips - 2 assists from him. A great performance.
  4. Glen Johnson - A couple of great runs by him. The best player of Liverpool at the moment.

  1. Fabregas (22)
  2. Shawcross (15)
  3. Noble (14)
  4. Drogba, Upson (12)

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