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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Topic of the Fortnight: A Season Where Attack Dominates

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the second issue of topic of the fortnight. Firstly, I would like to introduce you some really interesting stats: among all the games that had played since 09/10 premier season started until now, only 2 games were recorded goalless. A total of 159 goals had been produced in 56 games played until now, with an average of 2.84 goals per game! Can you see how high is this figure given that last year it's only 2.48 goals per game in average?

7 goals in 1 game.

This is a double edge to all FPL managers - most of you would be satisfied with your strikers for their prolific scoring record, but in the meantime, you might be also frustrated with all those points deductions of your defenders. And since the trend has already been set, the only thing you can do is to follow the flow - load up your team with all those offensive players, from strikers to defenders.

Now lets see all the must grab offensive players up till now. If you can grab at least 6 of the following top-class offensive players from at least 4 different teams, you shall have no problem this season.

Wayne Rooney
EVER since Ronaldo left, Rooney has been given the biggest responsibility in the team. The team centralises around him and most of the offensive actions involve him. He's the best point-earning strikers in my opinion as he'll always score goals under United's strategy and most importantly, he'll gain a lot of bonuses which edges him over the rest of the pack.

Didier Drogba
HIS reincarnation of career is one of the most exciting phenomena in premier league this season. He is the joint second top scorer so far, with all of his 5 goals were decisive, which honoured him plenty of bonuses (3 behind Rooney). His monstrous strength is the key of 6 back-to-back victories Chelsea recorded this season, and that's the reason why he's now on top of the FPL score sheet. Sadly, he knocked his heel and is doubtful for action for Chelsea's next game.

Emmanuel Adebayor
GREAT job by him don't you think? He scored an average of one goal per game this season, something only Rooney is able to match currently. Furthermore, Adebayor had also recorded 2.75 bonus points per game up until now. Unfortunately, his hell-like performance had dragged him down, and he'll fall behind from the leaders by a lot when he comes back from suspension.

Fernando Torres
WHEN El Nino seemed to have dropped out of the fantasy champion race, he scored a brace to show that he's not out of the golden boot's race. I've to agree with Fantasy Adviser's favourite quote: form is temporary, class is permanent. Given now that he's on his way to his top, why not load him into your team?

Cesc Fabregas
CAPTAIN is back. He stunned the world with his 22 point nuke on the first game, and the following games aren't bad either. Given that he's a lot cheaper than the fantasy holy duo (Fat Frank and Stevie G), you might consider to save the money on them and use it on other areas.

Frank Lampard
THE most consistent player in FPL has maintained his standard again - almost the same figure of points per game compared to last season. He's always the man if you want consistency, and always the least risky man to be captained.

Steven Gerrard
STILL not on his best. You can see from how he wasted several golden chances. But still, for his superior class, you can buy him even when he's not up on form yet.

Glen Johnson
THIS speedy wing back has successfully captured the hearts of Kopites. His totally out of position play has shaped him to be the most offensive defender in the premier league, and that's the reason why he's leading the defender's table now.

Thomas Vermaelen
WHILE Johnson benefits from his Liverpool's out of position play, this guy is enjoying Arsenal's all up offensive strategy as well. Wenger's biggest investment this season had proven to be one of the best bargain he had made. 3 goals and 1 assist in 5 league games from a centre back. What more can you expect?

Ashley Cole
SURPRISE surprise! He doesn't want to lose to his English counterpart Glen Johnson, and his actions had shown that - just 1 point behind Glenny. Another man who had found back his confidence under Carlo Ancelotti.

OTHER OFFENSIVE MARVELS (Excluded From the Category Above)
Those who are always one level below of those above: Robin van Persie, Jermaine Defoe, Aaron Lennon, Dirk Kuyt, Leighton Baines and Michael Ballack.
Low-cost high-return performers: Darren Bent.
Those who have the potential to become like Darren Bent: Damien Duff and Michael Kightly.

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