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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 6

Hello guys, it's Luke again here to give you the post-match analysis of Gameweek 6. This week's average it's very high which caused me to fail to beat the average score for the very first time (pain to the ass). 33 goals had been scored this week, how many goals were there from your fantasy team?

Fantasy HeroesGame Analysis
NugentSupersub Nugent came out and sealed the victory for Burnley and helped me to prove that Turf Moor is a giant fortress. You can pick Graham Alexander for his set pieces.
VermaelenVermaelen looked like a CAM when he scored his second goal of the game. Wigan will become an ATM for top four if they continue to perform like this.
Aston Villa
MilnerSee? Gabby shook Pompey's defenders off with his lightspeed. Looks like Martin O'Neill has chosen Milner to be the chief spot-kick taker. Grab him.
Stoke City
KitsonBolton's fans are booing Megson already. Still, Taylor earned 7 points due to his position of chief penalty taker.
Hull City
R JohnsonBirmingham's defence has shown their consistency against weaker clubs. Sadly, Roger Johnson who earned 3 bonus points was at the last sub of my team.
West Ham
TorresJust when I thought Torres would be completely exhausted, he scored two! My advice after watching this game: fire Carragher at once!
Man Utd
Man City
GiggsSo near the City were from a draw, yet their awful defence has made way for Owen to end their 100% victory and unbeaten streak. Ryan Giggs had made a superb hat-trick of assists.
DoylePoor display by Fulham. Not the cottagers of last season anymore. Oh yeah, Wolves' midfield maestro, Michael Kightly, is back.
SahaThe Blue Merseysiders has finally walked away from the shadow of their start of the season. A perfect display by Louis Saha, but pay more attention to Leighton Baines - he's on fire and has a good month of fixtures to come!
Drogba scattered Tottenham's defence into pieces, but in the process he injured himself. Ashley Cole was marvellous for his opening goal.
Legend: MR&PR - Match Results and Prediction Results; [P] - Prefect Prediction; [M] - Correct Prediction by Winner and Margin; [W] - Correct Prediction by Winner; [X] - Incorrect Prediction.

Fantasy Hero of the Heroes Award

Thomas Vermaelen

I couldn't expect more from a defender - 2 goals in 1 game.

Results of My Predicted Dream Team of the Week


Baines(9) Bikey(2) Dunne(7)

Kuyt(6) Rosicky(1) A Young(3) M Taylor(7)

Rooney(8) Agbonlahor(7) Drogba(12*)

Total Score: 65
Total Score After Captaining Drogba: 77
Player(s) in Dream Team: 1

Note: Numbers in parentheses states the player's gameweek score. * after the score means that the player is in the dream team of the gameweek. x means that the player didn't play at the gameweek.


The Controversial Manchester Derby
A very enjoyable derby game. Man Utd led for 4 times during the game, in which City had found in the next 3 times for equalisers before Owen finally claimed 3 points for the Red Devils. Mark Hughes must be very fed up with the referee's decision to extend the 4 minutes added time into 6, but if his lad could put maximum concentration during the very last minutes of the game, would they suffer this kind of loss? Furthermore, he had to remember, referees had always been slightly bias to United. That's one of the "hidden" benefits of being the most successful club of English Premier League. Interestingly, Bellamy scored twice during the game - something which added his chips to become an integral part of City's squad.

"Damn it. I wanna score goals and yell in front of that old-cunning fox!"

One-Sided London Derby
Boring I've to say. Chelsea totally dominated the game after some threatening shots from Tottenham during early game. For this game, I was totally pissed off with Weber's judgement for numerous fouls - so little cards for so many reckless fouls. Another superior performance by Drogba has seen him to be the first player to break the 50-point marker of FPL.

Trust me, he looked even more awful than this when they played Chelsea last Sunday.

Vermaelen's Attacking Prowess
I've to salute for what Vermaelen brought into Arsenal - stable defence and supreme offence. So many goals and assists already in his pocket, which you may easily misregard him as an offensive midfielder or even a forward if you only has his stats. Believe it or not, he'll have a very bright future with the Gunners.

Thomas "Watermelon" Vermaelen

The Big Losers of Set Pieces
If you are still curious of who are them, I can tell you now: Liverpool. Of all the 9 goals they have conceded until now, none of them are from open play! Their man marking are simply awful, and if this is not corrected as soon as possible, then they'll have to extend their wait for English top-division title for another one year.

A big crisis for him.

The Ultimate Losers of All
Still remember the Derby wannabe? Yes, they're ultimate losers. Even Derby don't have such an awful start like them. Paul Hart is sitting on needles now - improve or get lost.

"I think I should really consider to change my career rather than to relegate with this club of total failure..."

FPL Statistics

Leaderboard of the Gameweek
  1. Vermaelen (19)
  2. Milner, Giggs (14)
  3. Saha, Torres (13)
  4. A Cole, Yobo, Drogba, Fletcher (12)
  5. Elliott, Nugent (11)
  6. Bellamy (10)
Leaderboard of the Season
  1. Drogba (51)
  2. Rooney (46)
  3. G Johnson (41)
  4. Torres, Lampard, A Cole (40)
  5. Gerrard (39)

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