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Friday, September 25, 2009

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 7

Hello everyone, Mr Luke is back to provide you guys some inspirations on choosing players for gameweek 7 of fantasy premier league. As you can notice (or maybe not...), the layout has been changed a bit for better browsing experience. Hope that you'll like it. In midweek we've see some great actions in Carling Cup, most notably Peter Crouch who scored three. Will they feature and grab you some points this week?

Match by Match Analysis

PDPredicted Fantasy HeroAnalysis
0-3BainesWith such a good form they are having now, I'll be surprised if they get pawned by the league bottomers. Time to take in Baines if you haven't do so.
2-0R JohnsonBolton can't be lucky all the time to get a penalty on every game. With their current bad team play, I don't see any chance they can break through Birmingham's tough defence.
Aston Villa
1-2A YoungThis should be a competitive one. However, Villa should have no problem in defeating Allardyce's squad. I believe this is the time for A Young to explode and score some goals.
Hull City
4-0TorresOver the past two home games, Liverpool punished both Stoke and Burnley 4-0, and I strongly believe that this time the score will be the same as well, or maybe even more. Torres won't miss his best chance to hat-trick, will he?
Stoke City
Man Utd
0-0ShawcrossI'm a bit negative about United here. They're not that good away from home, and given that even Chelsea only won by luck here, a draw here is quite possible. The hardest game to be predicted this week.
3-0DefoeAfter two games full of frustration, finally Redknapp's lad got a win during Carling Cup match and Peter Crouch has successfully made his manager to have a selection headache. Still I think he'll remain on the bench as Defoe is too good to be dropped and Keane's leadership is something the team will need. Sorry to Burnley as they meet Tottenham in such unwanted moment.
0-4DrogbaApparently, Martinez's attacking football will eventually send Wigan to doom. Chelsea will be more than happy to play with a team who is willing to attack actively. I expect another stunning performance from Drogba.
1-2Van PersieA tough game for the gunners, but their fire power are always high when playing against all teams other than the league leaders. I would like to see Van Persie to perform well again this match.
2-0BentDarren Bent doesn't need an invitation to score, the Wolves are going to have big trouble guarding him.
Man City
West Ham
1-0BarryThe City has suffered the same thing like what Tottenham experienced, so bad luck to the Hammers as well. It would be interesting if Bellamy fires a goal against his former employer.
Legend: PD-Prediction.

The Must "In"s

Baines - Everton's good forthcoming fixtures added with their spectacular form has made everything the best for him to score.

Torres - Playing against Phil Brown's team will give him the best chance ever to score a lot, especially when the Reds have to use offence to cover up their fatal defence. Since Defoe hat-tricked against them, why can't he?

My Predicted Dream Team of the Week


G Johnson R Johnson Baines

Barry Lampard Gerrard Pienaar

Torres Defoe Bent

Captain: Torres
Alternative Captain Picks: Baines, Defoe
Team Value: £90.1m

  1. Hart - Birmingham are set to capture another clean sheet with him.
  2. G Johnson - Hull City don't have time to defend him when they're so many attackers upfront.
  3. R Johnson - Looking good to get another 3 point bonus if Birmingham concedes zero.
  4. Baines - He kicks corner, takes penalty, and gets 4 points if clean sheet. All of these are possible with Portsmouth on the opposition.
  5. Barry - The most reliable player currently following suspension of Adebayor.
  6. Lampard - With Drogba so explosive in front, he may come out with several assists.
  7. Gerrard - He won't miss so many chances continuously.
  8. Pienaar - His participation in offence might gives you some surprises.
  9. Torres - Hull City without Michael Turner should be an easy job for him.
  10. Defoe - He's a rapist at White Hart Lane.
  11. Bent - The goal machine of Sunderland. He won't be allowed to come out goalless.


Carling Cup Action
Carling Cup action took place during the midweek and all the big clubs has passed the test. Man Utd was the biggest winner in my opinion, with Welbeck scoring the winning goal despite having less player on the field. The interesting part was the way he celebrated - he's using the signature move of 100m and 200m world record holder Usain Bolt!

Bolt of soccer arena?

Everton Continues Their Powerful Return
If you ask me who's the best team in September, I would say its Everton. After having a hard time during the start of the season, the Toffees recorded three consecutive wins currently, with 11 goals scored and nil conceded. With this kind of run, I would strongly recommend you to bring on their on form star players such as Baines, Saha and Pienaar, especially when their coming fixtures are easy ones.

The rising star of Everton - Jack Rodwell.

Little Problem from Drogba
Good news to all Drogba owners, and bad news to those who aren't (I'm on this side) - Drogba is expected to start on this Saturday! The knock on last game was confirmed to be a minor one, so you guys can get relax and enjoy his super show again this weekend!

Seriously I hope that he won't repeat the disgusting celebration he had done during his last game...

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