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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monthly Express: January

Transfer season reopens this month! Will it be a turning point for your fantasy performance?

Fantasy Hotshots: Evaluations
The review of last month's fantasy hotshots.

Patrice Evra (£6.8m)
22 pts, +£0.1m
Not really a hotshot, but can still be said decent.

Fernando Torres (£11.5m)
19 pts, +£0.1m
A little bit disappointing, but it's acceptable given Liverpool's awful run of form.

Wayne Rooney (£11.8m)
44 pts, +£0.4m
Super hotshots. Superb performance, superb value rise.

Aaron Lennon (£8.3m)
30 pts, +£0.3m
Quite good in general but he ended up with an injury on his last game.

Matthew Taylor (£6.6m)
19 pts, -£0.1m
Too bad to have a fall in price.

Team Focus
A focus on the must see teams.

Games: EVE (H), BOL (A), AST (A), MANU (H)
Expected points: 9
Comments: I recommend you to sell everyone except Fabregas after Bolton's game since they will have hell fixtures until the mid of February.

Birmingham CityBirmingham
Games: MANU (H), POR (A), CHE (A), TOT (H)
Expected points: 4
Comments: I certainly don't think that the Blues can extend their unbeaten run throughout January with such powerful opponents. Keep their defenders in you fifth spot or sell them if you want.

Games: HUL (A), SUN (H), BIR (H), BUR (A)
Expected points: 10
Comments: They must be lucky not to face any tough matches during this month where many of their key men go to Africa. Lampard, Ivanovic and Sturridge should be great prospects.

Games: TOT (H), STO (A), WOL (A), BOL (H)
Expected points: 9
Comments: A good time to get in our fantasy favourite Fernando Torres. Liverpool seemed to have bounce back from the bottom of their form and luck.

Manchester CityManchester City
Games: BLA (H), EVE (A), STO (A), POR (H)
Expected points: 12
Comments: What a great fixtures for them. Continue to place your bets on Carlos Tevez! Have an eye on Petrov as well.

Manchester UnitedManchester United
Games: BIR (A), BUR (H), HUL (H), ARS (A)
Expected points: 7
Comments: A tough month for them. See how Rafael is doing, he might be a great bargain.

Fantasy Hotshots
The list of must haves to earn both points and values. Unsorted.

Carlos Tevez (£8.8m)
He will continue to bang and bang with out of form opponents ahead.

Fernando Torres (£11.5m)
Liverpool will need his great class to revive their top 4 ambition.

Frank Lampard (£12.9m)
He'll reclaim his ace status with Drogba absent this month.

Martin Petrov (£6.5m)
Cheap and reliable under Mancini's era.

Branislav Ivanovic (£5.9m)
His header is always a big threat.

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