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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 17

Hiya guys! In just two days we're gonna step from gameweek 16 into gameweek 17. Do you ever notice that there are games in midweek and four teams aren't featuring?

Fantasy Predictor
My predicted results of matches this week.

SUN vs AST [0-0]
BIR vs BLA [1-0]
BOL vs WHU [2-0]
MANU vs WOL [3-0]
BUR vs ARS [0-0]
CHE vs POR [4-0]
LIV vs WIG [2-0]
TOT vs MANC [2-2]

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this week.

Sunderland vs Aston Villa
Prediction: 0-0

Sunderland is on a bad form recently to only manage to get five points from their last six games; Aston Villa on the other hand, is having an impressive campaign to defeat Manchester United at Old Trafford before they are going to visit the Stadium of Light.

Despite this huge difference in form, I don't think Villa can get away with a win here. Their super effective counter-attack is useful against team with high offensive approach, but certainly not against a team who can be very patient in building up their attacks like Sunderland.

Needs to regain his form.

Burnley vs Arsenal
Prediction: 0-0

Arsenal will have a hard game again as they travel to Turf Moor to face clarets. Burnley, which have only lost once in their home ground will look to snatch some points from gunners.

From the game against Liverpool, we can see that Arsenal aren't doing so well lately as they found it hard to break through Liverpool's quite open defence. With a very contained team they are going to face plus the stamina that they had used up due to recent compacted fixtures, I think they may slip up some points again.

Can he protect his territory?

Tottenham vs Manchester City
Prediction: 2-2

The most exciting game of this coming fixtures as two of the clubs who are ambitious of getting the champions league position clash with each other. Tottenham aren't at their most favourable position after a shocking defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers, while Manchester City is now unbeaten in their last 10 league games and yet still couldn't find a reason to happy about as they had only won one in their last nine.

Some sparkling points in this game will be the battle of the short-tall strikers combination: Defoe-Crouch vs Tevez-Adebayor. Besides that, the battle for England's #1 right wing of Aaron Lennon and Shawn Wright-Phillips is also the selling point of the game.

With this game goals should be bursting out like fountain but who will win? I guess neither. You must not forget the fact that City is so so consistent in earning draws. In fantasy perspective, have a close look at Tevez.

Scoring like nobody's business recently.

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to strengthen up your fantasy team.

GW17's One-Gamer
The highly expected top achiever of the gameweek.

Didier Drogba (£11.6m)
He must score if Chelsea wants a victory.

GW17's Five-Gamer
The highly expected top achiever in the next five games.

Carlos Tevez (£8.3m)
On a hot streak now.

GW17's Best Line-Up
My preferred squad of the week.


R Johnson --- Dunne --- Vermaelen --- Evra

Lampard --- Bowyer --- Giggs

Rooney --- Drogba(C) --- Tevez

---Subs (in order): Jensen, Cahill, Huddlestone, Reid---

Captain: Drogba
Second Captain Choice: Rooney
Team Value: £101.6m
Starting XI Value: £81.4m

Fantasy Times
The latest premier league news to enrich your day.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award
Congratulations to Manchester United's veteran Ryan Giggs as he victor over the Formula One World Champion Jenson Button to grab the BBC Sports Personality Award.

Giggs, even at the age of 36, is still one of the most threatening player in the Premier League. In fact, the moment when he dribbles he can actually give me a false illusion that he's still in his late 20s!

With this evergreen performance and his always humble attitude, I personally think he deserves the award pretty much. Give a big clap to him won't you?

Ryan Giggs at lastnights BBC Sports Personality Awards
Even more reliable than Duracell.


SafwaNMazlaN said...

need a replacement for Hunt & Shawcross

This is my lineup....


Bikey - Shawcross - Johnson R - Figueora (SUBS)

Taylor - Fabregas - Hunt - Lennon

Drogba(C) - Defoe - Agbonlahor

Im going to let Sorensen on team even he's not playing. This is why I need to find a really good MF to make it worth.

Hunt --> Lampard?Milner?Valencia?Kuyt? not enuff cash for Gerrard

Shawcross -->Dunne?Evra?Vermaelen?G Johnson? hell no im gonna put Figue on against Liverpool

My choice goes to Kuyt + G Johnson --> due to easy fixtures in next 3 GW..

p/s: I'm playing Astro FF.

Johnson Chai said...

i see...

but i don't really trust Glen J these days... certainly not worth for his expensive price...

i prefer valencia over kuyt since united's fixtures are better and valencia had a bigger influence in attack now than kuyt (remember now gerrard, torres and aquilani all fit)...

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