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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pre-Match Analysis: Gameweek 34

You now have five more games to improve your season. All the best!

Fantasy Predictor
My predictions for games this gameweek.

HUL VS BUR [2-0]
WHU VS SUN [1-2]
WOL VS STO [1-1]
BLA VS MNU [0-1]
LIV VS FUL [3-0]
MNC VS BIR [2-0]
CHE VS BOL [4-0]
AST VS EVE [2-1]
WIG VS POR [2-1]
TOT VS ARS [3-4]

Fantasy Focus
Analysis of big showdowns this gameweek.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal
Prediction: 3-4

London will be full of sparks this weekend as the Gunners travel to White Hart Lane for a pretty decisive battle.

One fight for the summit while the other fight for European dream. Certainly a game worth to be watched for. Unfortunately though, both sides have a lot of injuries.

So, whose dream will come true? I think none of them. I strongly believe Tottenham will finish below of Liverpool (Liverpool on 5th) after the three games against Top 3. They just don't have the quality to defeat a team of higher class. On the other hand, without Fabregas, Arsenal's firepower is reduced by 50%.

But, the Gunners should have no problem eliminating this derby rival. I reckon them the win, and I reckon Nasri to shine.

Oh yea, Van Persie may be back as well. Scout him.

... has actually second the highest points per game - behind of his teammate Fabregas - in this season's fantasy...

Fantasy Line-Ups
My recommendations to boost your fantasy scores.

Gw 34's One-Gamer
My highly anticipated top pointer of the gameweek.
Didier Drogba - £12.0m
With Rooney lightspeed recovery, he will have to push harder for the golden boot.

Gw 34's Five-Gamer (Last)
My highly anticipated top pointer of the next five gameweeks.
Didier Drogba - £12.0m
Three home games coming out of last five.

Gw 34's Dream Team
My favourite squad of the gameweek.


Craddock - Zhirkov - G Johnson

Nasri - Nani - N'Zogbia - Malouda

Drogba(C) - Tevez - Torres

Substitutes (in order): Sorensen - Etherington - Huth - Collins

My Captain: Drogba
Other Recommended Captains: Torres
Emergency Captain Strategy: Value

Starting 11 Value: £87.0m
Total Value: £106.7m

Fantasy Times
The latest football news to enrich your day.

UEFA Champions League: NO ENGLAND

After years of domination in the Champions League, Platini's strategy seems to have worked this year - not any single club of England reached the semi-finals of UCL! This is such an irony when compared to two years before where three of the four semi-final slots were occupied by English clubs.

Arsenal's defeat to Barcelona was not a surprise. In fact, their LEAD was. With about 70% of possession even at away, the Spanish giants is just too much for the Gunners. Messi again became the Messiah with four terrific goals, peeling off Arsenal's confidence to the bottom. The England's Barcelona still have much to learn from the pioneer of on ground football.

On the other hand, Ferguson's lost his bet this time as his decision to deploy Rafael costed him a red card, which eventually brought to Manchester United's exit of Champions League. In fact, the manner in which they knocked out can only be described as a shame. They scored two in seven minutes and cushioned a three which was definitely a comfortable lead. But Olic's goal before the half and the harsh booking on Rafael eventually made United unable to roam forward. With such total control, it was not that hard for Robben to strike a wonderful volley and take their team to the next round.

So, it's Barca vs Inter and Bayern vs Lyon on the semis. Can Mourinho make his revenge against Guardiola? Stay tuned for the next round.

Chelsea shouldn't have sold him.


English clubs Fulham and Liverpool continue to shine on the Europa League after both of them qualified for the semi-finals of the competition.

The Reds gave Benfica a big lesson with a 4-1 victory on ground. The most hated Liverpool player by their fans, Lucas Leiva, had earned much positive remarks from the supporters with his brilliant goal in which he dribbled past the keeper before attempting the shot. Besides him, Torres has broken the Anfield record by becoming the first player of the Reds to score a brace on home for four consecutive games. Impressive.

As for Fulham, it was Bobby Zamora's showtime again as he struck in the only goal which secured them the progress to the semis. It is simply a brilliant performance for a small-medium size club like Fulham to go such far in the European competition.

Liverpool vs Athletico Madrid, Fulham vs Hamburg. Hope that both English clubs will meet at the final.

"Now that should shut your bad mouth up!"

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Midweek's grand victory will give the Reds a big boost, looking for double at Anfield Stadium today. The performance of Liverpool are unstable all the while but they are having convincing home records.

The visitor are in rich vein of form from 3 straight wins. However, the record saying that Fulham are fear to travel and it brings them in worse situation when Fulham to travel again today, being just came back from Germany two days ago.

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