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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 13

Gameweek 13 is a memorable one with so many of players passing through the 15 points benchmark. Not to be forgotten the top scorer this week actually recorded a 160-point shocker! Can anyone provide me the top 10 fantasy gameweek points history so that I can see in which position does 160 points fits in?

Match by Match Analysis

Final ScoreAnalysis
Predicted Score (Result)
Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)
Predicted Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)

LIV 2-2 MANC Another disappointing result as reds sunk again. 2 injuries in 17 minutes certainly didn't help them. What a big impact that Tevez had made.
1-0 (Incorrect Outcome)
Ireland (9)
Gerrard (5)

BIR 1-0 FUL So Birmingham did win by only one goal. Not much of suspense though.
R Johnson, Bowyer (9)
Benitez (2)

BUR 1-1 AST It's another defender who brought in a goal for the Clarets. Heskey proved his price anyway.
1-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Caldwell (11)
Agbonlahor (2)

CHE 4-0 WOL What a fragile team... Great value for Essien's owner.
2-0 (Correct Outcome)
Essien (16)
Anelka (1)

HUL 3-3 WHU I admitted that I've underestimated Jimmy Bullard. Cole scored again! An own goal.
1-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Bullard (13)
Cole (2)

SUN 1-0 ARS Now I see how much of effect is the absence of RvP on them. Bent's luck never end!
1-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Bent (7)
Arshavin (1)

MANU 3-0 EVE All of sudden, Fletcher became the most irreplaceable player of Man Utd. Well done lad!
2-0 (Correct Outcome)
Fletcher (11)
Rooney (2)

BOL 0-2 BLA Err... What's wrong with Bolton? They can't even win a team who had lost five out of their five away games before this.
2-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Dunn (10)

TOT 9-1 WIG Can you see the score? Congratulations for Defoe for sealing his chances into World Cup Finals.
3-0 (Correct Outcome)
Defoe (25)
Keane (x)

STO 1-0 POR Sorensen is the hero with his penalty save. Unlucky for Pompey.
1-1 (Incorrect Outcome)
Sorensen (14)
Kaboul (2)

HUL 3-2 EVE When I thought that Hull will actually get nil from two games this week, they actually grabbed four points! Stephen Hunt is revived!
1-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Hunt (13)
Saha (6)

FUL 3-0 BLA Can I change Chelsea's anthem into "Dempsey Dempsey! Dempsey Dempsey!"?
2-0 (Correct Outcome)
Dempsey (16)

The Fantasy Hero of the Heroes Award

Jermaine "I Score Five Goals" Defoe (25)
Simply amazing!

Luke's Dream Team of the Gameweek


R Johnson(9) Zayatte(9) Hangeland(8)

Fabregas(2) Dunn(12) Arshavin(1) Dempsey(18)

Cole(2) Rooney(2) Keane(x)

Captain: Rooney
Score Before Captaining: 71
Score After Captaining: 73
Team Value: £79.9m

News and Highlights

Wigan Doomed!
What an unfortunate day for Roberto Martinez as Defoe led Tottenham to humiliate them 9-1! Yes, NINE TO ONE! This is especially amazing when the score was halted at 1-0 during the first half! Defoe became the second fastest hat-tricker in premier league history (7 minutes) who only Liverpool's legend Robbie Fowler is faster than him. Besides that, the Tottenham's ace also became the third person to net in five goals in one game! And I can safely say that his five are better than the other two who are Andy Cole and Alan Shearer in terms of quality. Moreover, Tottenham had also managed to record premier league's second highest margin scoreline other than Man Utd's 9-0 many years ago.

"Capello, did you see that?"

Liverpool Doomed!
The Reds' first victory after the famous win over United didn't secure their way into the knock-out stage of Champions League as Fiorentina marched their way into it after a victory against Lyon. Their participation of Europa Cup meant that they'll lost 15 million pounds at least due to the exit. With this Benitez might be posed into higher degree of crisis as Gillett and Hicks are definitely not happy with this big loss of income. What is their future?

"We will end the club's trophy drought... through Europa Cup."

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