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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 11

A wonderful gameweek with Liverpool losing their 6th in last seven, Arsenal raping off Tottenham easily and more! Lets get moving!

Match by Match Analysis

Final ScoreAnalysis
Predicted Score (Result)
Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)
Predicted Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)

ARS 3-0 TOT See? Tottenham couldn't even pierce Arsenal's defence - something I overestimated them. Bwahahaha, big losers! Be prepare for the mighty performance of Robin Van Persie this season.
3-2 (Correct Outcome)
Van Persie (15)
Fabregas (11)

BOL 0-4 CHE Another 4-0! I just couldn't believe how pathetic Megson's squad were. Double figures again for Lampard! Spectacular.
1-2 (Correct Outcome)
Lampard (12)
Drogba (11)

BUR 2-0 HUL I was nearly sent to the hospital when I knew that Alexander scored 21! He was in my first sub, but fortunately, Giggs wasn't even on the bench. God bless me. =)
1-0 (Correct Outcome)
Alexander (21)
Elliott (2)

EVE 1-1 AST So the badly injured Toffees still managed to grab a draw, and they actually led! Bilyaletdinov is proven to be able to take a major part in Moyes' plan with his goal and also, red card.
0-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Agbonlahor, Yakubu (5)
Agbonlahor (5)

FUL 3-1 LIV My first thought after seeing the result? Hahaha. Not really surprised actually with such pathetic formation Rafa had set up. I think the yanks must've commanded him to qualify for the champions league at all cost (for their most needed $).
0-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Nevland (11)
Torres (6)

POR 4-0 WIG Wow! Unbelievable! The club who had lost their first seven fixtures actually scored eight goals in two games! This is really more surprising than Liverpool's defeat! Dindane came out from nowhere to complete a hat-trick!
2-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Dindane (20)
Boateng (4)

STO 2-2 WOL Stoke didn't learn from Arsenal's and City's lesson last week and let go of their two goals advantage. How shameful they were.
2-0 (Incorrect Outcome)
Craddock (15)
Beattie (3)

SUN 2-2 WHU West Ham were even more shameful than Stoke City as they let the Black Cats who were one man down to find the equaliser and share the point!
2-1 (Incorrect Outcome)
Reid (10)
Bent (4)

MANU 2-0 BLA Man Utd win as expected. And yes, Berbatov scored a goal! Anyway the match wasn't an easy one for them.
4-1 (Correct Outcome)
Evra (11)
Berbatov (6)

BIR 0-0 MANC I am really furious about the absence of Adebayor. Hell, there's not even a signal that he would miss the game! And yes, City are lucky not to lose with a penalty saved by Given.
1-3 (Incorrect Outcome)
Given (12)
Adebayor (x)

WHU 2-1 AST Oops! West Ham had two men excelled in this game: Mr Green who blocked a penalty and Mr Hines who replaced the injured Cole yet decided the game! Agbonlahor still got 5 points anyway.
1-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Hines, Green (11)
Agbonlahor (5)

Luke's Dream Team of the Gameweek

Sorensen (1)

Dunne (5) Faye Ab (1) Bikey (7)

Fabregas (11) Milner (1) Boateng (4) Benayoun (2)

Agbonlahor (10) Drogba (11) Bent (4)

Captain: Agbonlahor
Score Before Captaining: 57
Score After Captaining: 67
Team Value: £77.7m

Heroes and Zeroes

The Fantasy Hero of the Heroes Award

Graham Alexander (21)
Congrats to him as he scored two goals in his 100th game for Burnley.

Aruna Dindane (20)
He's poorer than Alexander by only one point fantasy wise, and was much better than Alexander in the reality. A great hat-trick from him.

Rest of Heroes
Fabregas - For his superb snatch and run and goal!
Van Persie - For his two good touch to score two goals.
Lampard - For recording double figures for two consecutive matches.
Zamora - For tipping in a goal against Liverpool when he's such a lame finisher.
Craddock - For scoring two goals in one game when people only predict that he will score only two in one season.
Berbatov - For shooting a perfectly calculated goal. A little bit left it would be off target; a little bit right it would hit the defender's leg.
Green, Given - For saving a penalty each.
Hines - For appreciating his chance to fortify his position at West Ham.

Liverpool - For losing AGAIN.
Stoke, West Ham - For being equalised after led by two.
Robbie Keane - For his ultimately entertaining and ridiculous fact he told the press before the game against Arsenal.
Referees - For giving to many red cards in one gameweek.
Sports channel - For replaying Van Persie's goal for too long until we couldn't even see Fabregas' goal live.
Tottenham - For being like a bunch of kittens when playing against stronger sides.
Manchester City - For losing out totally against Birmingham other than the score.
Degen - For being so bad luck that almost everytime he played for Liverpool he would be either injured or suspended.

News and Highlights

Stairway to Hell
Rafa's crisis didn't go better after they beat their arch-rivals by two goals. On the game against Fulham he had to risk Torres again due to his lack of choices upfront. I really couldn't believe that he actually risked Torres only to withdrawn him at around 60th minute when the score was still 1-1. Eventually they lost with two red cards and he's moving one step closer to hell! Not to be mentioned the early withdrawal of Torres had failed to help them to win Lyon either.

"Phew~ Still ticking. Bless me..."

Ridiculous, Again
I really couldn't OMGFly believe that how Geovanni's goal was disallowed and even cautioned because of refs again. I seriously think someone is manipulating BPL games currently for producing so many controversial judgements. The league is sick.

"Thumb for the fans, middle for the refs!"

If you notice, Van Persie has been spectacular recently for his role as the lone centre forward of Arsenal. He has benefited so much from Wenger's formation this year to become the second focal point of the gunners attack. Get him.

"Who said I've no chance of getting golden boot?"

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