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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 8

Oh man, I had broken my lowest points scored again after a dooming gameweek 8. 8 out of 10 scores were predicted wrongly, and my fantasy team only scored 33. Maybe it was a wrong decision to make the pre-analysis in such a hurry.

Match by Match Analysis

Final ScoreAnalysis
Predicted Score (Result)
Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)
Predicted Fantasy Hero (GW Score)

BOL 2 - 2 TOTOn the bad side, Tottenham are playing poor away game again; on the good side, Kranjcar finally scores for fantasy managers. As for Bolton, Cohen and Davies continued their good form, but still, their forthcoming fixtures are suck.
2-4 (Incorrect)
Kranjcar (10)
Lennon (2)

BUR 2 - 1 BIRAs predicted, Turf Moor was again proven to be a giant fortress. Unfortunately though, Birmingham goaled at last minute, which sapped a lot of points from fantasy owners (9 for me).
2-0 (Correct Outcome)
S Fletcher (9)
Elliott (2)

HUL 2 - 1 WIGI was almost struck by heart attack when Zayatte scored 12 and yet was in my second place of subs! I do expect him start to do well on this month, but then... not so fast.
1-2 (Incorrect)
Zayatte (12)
Rodallega (2)

WOL 0 - 1 PORPortsmouth finally ended their losing streak and changed my point of view towards them. Wolves were not taking their chances, again.
3-1 (Incorrect)
Yebda (10)
Doyle (3)

MANU 2 - 2 SUNGiggs who played superbly well recently was not even on the bench, and that punished Ferguson's side heavily. Cana and Cattermole partnership totally owned at the middle, and Bent scored a perfect goal. Rooney continued his freezing form.
3-2 (Incorrect)
Bent (9)
Giggs (-)

ARS 6 - 2 BLAArsenal won sensationally again. While six different scorers for all six goals looked to be a very healthy thing to see, note that five of them were related with the very same player: Fabregas. If might be a doomsday for them if their captain injured. And look, Vermaelen had already scored four from only seven games!
3-1 (Correct Outcome)
Fabregas (22)
Vermaelen (7)

EVE 1 - 1 STOHuth joined the scoring competition amongst Stoke's defenders as he headed in a goal in this game. Heitinga is looking good to be purchased as he proved that he worth the price of £6.5m with one assist and three bonus points from this game.
2-0 (Incorrect)
Heitinga (8)
Saha (2)

WHU 2 - 2 FULI am disappointed with West Ham for the second time this season. The first time was Carlton Cole's "amazing pass" to Jermaine Defoe; the second time was to be led by Fulham who were one man down for quite a long time.
2-0 (Incorrect)
Diamanti (8)
Hines (2)

CHE 2 - 0 LIVAgain, Liverpool lost because of defence. Torres was infected by some big match phobia again to lose two great chances. On the other hand, Drogba rocked the game with two important assists and thrashed El Nino away from the fantasy leaderboard.
4-4 (Incorrect)
Carvalho (8)
Torres (2)

AST 1 - 1 MANCDunne made a perfect demonstration to Mark Hughes with his perfect opener of the game, but Bellamy did the same as well to return a present back to his former club.
1-2 (Incorrect)
Dunne (11)
Adebayor (5)

Luke's Dream Team of the Week: Results


Vermaelen(7) Alexander(2) Baines(2)

Giggs(-) Lennon(2) Benayoun(1) Elliott(2)

Van Persie(7) Rooney(2) Saha(2)

Captain: Rooney
Score Before Captain: 29
Score After Captain: 31
Players Absent: 1
Players in Dream Dream: 0
P/S: A total failure this week. I will try my best not to repeat again.

The Fantasy Hero of The Heroes Award

For the second time this season he grabbed more than 20 points. A sweet week for those who captained him.

Heroes and Zeroes

Vermaelen - To score again!
Bent - To almost pawned Man Utd with his wonderful goal.
Jones - To prove once again to Steve Bruce that Sunderland is not only about Darren Bent.
Zayatte - To get sub off before Hull City conceded.
Arsenal - To score with six different players.
Dunne - To make a sweet revenge.
Drogba - To make two assists.
Carvalho, Terry - To defend firmly.
Fulham - To draw with one man less.

Me - For putting Zayatte in my substitutes.
Me - For scoring only 33 right after using my wildcard.
Me - For misleading my loyal readers.
Rooney - For not scoring any goals for three games.
Ferguson - For not even putting Giggs on the bench.
Torres - For missing important chances.
Mascherano - For giving up the ball for Chelsea's first goal.
Blackburn - For not defending nicely.
Liverpool - For losing 3 out of 8 games now.


Benayoun on Bench, Again?
I think Rafa had made a very ridiculous decision on Sunday to start the not really on form Riera instead of the fiery Benayoun. Riera as a whole, although made numerous lobs and shots, none of them were threatening. And this definitely changed after Benayoun replaced him on the second half. The Reds looked more threatening, but it's too late wasn't it? Seriously, Benitez should now start Benayoun every game, if he ever wanted to grab the EPL title this year.

He needs to think, seriously.

More Draws Coming?
Five draws were recorded on this week, and this figure is more than the accumulated draws over the past 7 gameweeks. Managers are having a better dissection about their opponents already, so the goal figure may be dragged down a little bit. Time to slowly transform your team to better defenders.

We drawn together...

Wake Up, Rooney!
Man Utd's draw against Sunderland had seen another unhealthy phenomenon: Rooney was goalless again. This is a very discouraging factor for Man Utd as Rooney was now their only reliable goal source (maybe Berbatov as well). He can't afford to have some ups and downs again on his form. Stay consistent dude!

"Alright, I'll have to ask for Anton's assistance to get tips for scoring goals."

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