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Monday, October 26, 2009

Post-Match Analysis: Gameweek 10

It's a week where the scousers full of joy and the devils full of disappointments following up the famous Anfield victory for Liverpool after four successive defeats. A lot of surprising results happened this week which eventually spoilt my score this week!

Match by Match Analysis

Final ScoreAnalysis
Predicted Score (Result)
Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)
Predicted Fantasy Hero
(GW Score)

WOL 1-1 AST The first shit I've received came from the first game of the gameweek where Wolves shockingly dominated the possession of the game and gave Villa a big trouble. Unlucky for my Agbonlahor as Sidwell committed a foul at the penalty box, otherwise he should had collected a fair amount of bonus points.
0-3 (Incorrect Outcome)
E.-Blake, Agbonlahor (6)
Agbonlahor (6)

BIR 2-1 SUN Second shit in a row. Not only that Sunderland couldn't manage to win, but their inability to score goals really piss me off. They even need an own goal to make the score looked nicer. Damn them. On the positive side, Reid became the best loser who claimed three bonus points.
0-2 (Incorrect Outcome)
Ridgewell (8)
Bent (2)

BUR 1-3 WIG Third shit consecutively! Burnley who looked so giant before at Turf Moor started perfectly yet ended tremendously hell-like after letting Rodallega to score two! Bad game.
1-0 (Incorrect Outcome)
Rodallega (13)
Blake (5)

HUL 0-0 POR Finally my shit streak ended in this game. Not a memorable one since no goals were produced.
2-2 (Correct Outcome)
[9 players] (6)
Geovanni (3)

TOT 0-1 STO The shit continued after a break. Tottenham in my opinion is the biggest loser of the week as they couldn't even manage to score against Stoke who are poor away from home at their giant fortress! I'm ashamed of them.
2-1 (Incorrect Outcome)
Faye Ab (9)
Crouch (2)

CHE 5-0 BLA My intuition was proven to be wrong. Ancelotti actually raped Big Sam without any mercy! Unbelievably, their top four points scorer this gameweek actually scored 45!
3-2 (Correct Outcome)
Lampard (14)
Drogba (9)

BOL 3-2 EVE Hahaha, I am perfectly correct this time! Saha is another loser this gameweek who scored three points bonus. Great spirit by Everton who managed to recover the two goals deficit before losing anyway.
3-2 (Perfect Result)
Saha (9)
Taylor (5)

LIV 2-0 MANU Everything was by Liverpool side in this game - from midfield domination to Torres' marvel to the referees. A well deserved victory - if and only if their attackers have better accuracy. An absolutely amazing performance by Liverpool squad.
2-1 (Correct Outcome)
Carragher, Torres (8)
Benayoun (5)

MANC 2-2 FUL Third consecutive draws for Manchester City. They left my prediction utterly a shit and left their title hopes absolutely hopeless. Noob I should say!
2-1 (Incorrect Outcome)
Duff, Greening (8)
Adebayor (5)

WHU 2-2 ARS The hammers unbelievably flattened gunners with two lethal strikes after being inflicted two bullets from them. They're same as Manchester City this gameweek: NOOB!
1-4 (Incorrect Outcome)
Cole, Gallas, Van Persie (9)
Fabregas (5)

Luke's Dream Team of the Week: Results

Jensen (1)

Bikey (1) Vermaelen (1) Dunne (2)

Fabregas (5) Milner (4) Taylor (5) Geovanni (3)

Agbonlahor (6) Crouch (2) Bent (2)

Captain: Agbonlahor
Score Before Captaining: 32
Score After Captaining: 38
Team Value: £74.9m
Comment: Another noob performance by me!

Heroes and Zeroes

The Fantasy Hero of the Heroes Award

Frank Lampard (14)
The big gun of Chelsea is back!

Rest of Heroes
Agbonlahor - For scoring another goal again.
Ridgewell - For making people remember that he is one of the key players of Birmingham.
Rodallega - For firing two atom bombs to Turf Moor.
Essien - For performing consistently.
Drogba - For never failing to score.
Torres - For firing one of the best goals of the season.
N'gog - For doubling the blow to the Red Devils.
Van der Sar - For conducting a plenty of wonderful saves despite losing.
Benitez - For putting Aurelio and Insua together to freeze Valencia.
Lucas - For finally playing one good game without having swore and flamed by Liverpool fans.
Berbatov - For raping Dirk Kuyt.

Me - For transferring out Torres before the transfer deadline of this gameweek.
Sunderland - For their pathetic defeat.
Bent - For managing to score against Man Utd and Liverpool in a row but not Birmingham.
Turf Moor - For not helping Burnley to get three points this time.
Tottenham - For being the worst team of the week.
Vidic - For completing his hat-trick.
Mascherano - For repeating the scenario two years ago.
Owen - For nearly pawned the club which nurtured him.
Ferguson - For taking the consequences of his statements against Wiley.
Beach balls - For failing to score any goals.
Arsenal, Man City - For getting drawn after leading by two goals.

News and Highlights

The biggest derby in England turned out to be an exhilarating and exciting game which could be even better if not because of the refs. The Merseysiders were the more determined and hyped squad and controlled the flow of the game from the start till the end while intercepted by several threatening attempts by Manchester.

The game only turned out to be more adventurous upfront when Fernando Torres broken the deadlock at 64 minutes with a shot which fully resembled his determination and confidence. Since then the home side dominated the game while Ferguson's side increased their pressure against the home side.

Owen made a return to the Anfield as a traitor and had nearly tore down the Reds defence with a golden chance ruined by last man Jamie Carragher. The skipper fortunately was only awarded a yellow card which caused a big dissatisfaction by Ferguson and his lads.

Vidic became the joke of the day when he stepped forward and exchanged some words with Carragher, only to know that he was awarded his third consecutive red cards playing against Liverpool minutes after. Mascherano was sent off just moments after as well after a barbaric foul against Van der Sar.

N'gog's goal at injury time sealed off the victory for Liverpool as the home side now secured their third successive victory against their arch-rivals and prevented the repetition of the club's 5th consecutive defeats which last occured 56 years ago. Great win.

manchester united
"Hmm, seems like my choice of not wasting 20 million pounds to sack Rafa is right."

Weird Gameweek
Almost all the stronger sides failed to claim three points this gameweek. Man Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, Aston Villa... I just couldn't believe that. The only duo who survived were the ultimately armed Chelsea and ultimately determined Liverpool.

Even stevens.

Lamp's Showdown
The fans simply miss it don't you? Lampard finally ended his open-game-goal drought which lasted for about five months after he scored a decisive second goal against the Rovers. Finally the ultimate machine of the Blues is back!

"I'm back! Beware of me yo!"

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