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Monday, September 28, 2009

Poll of the Fortnight: How Many Will Golden Boot Score This Season?

It's the time to analyse another poll of the fortnight. In this week, as you can see, the topic is: how many will golden boot score this season?

38% voted that it'll be around 26-30 goals. For this season, this benchmark should be a easy one to pass due to the attacking fever of EPL. As you can see, there's already more than 3 goals per game for consecutive 3 gameweeks.

Followed up closely is the vote for 21-25 goals (32%). I think this is mostly due to last season's embarrassing golden boot record of 19 goals (Nicholas Anelka) which led to pessimistic view of the particular respondents. However, this season won't be the same, trust me. =)

Next is 31-35 goals (18%). While this figure is quite high, I still think that it's plausible for the likes like Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba, as long as they're free from major injuries.

6% of the respondents voted for more than 35 goals this season! This figure is insanely high I can see. Unless Torres is fit for all 38 games and has awesome performances like what he did currently (an average of more than one goal per game), otherwise, nah. Only Torres is capable for that don't you think? Drogba and rooney, in my opinion, should score less than him due to double role of shoot and assist.

Finally, 4% of our fellow voters voted that it'll be less than 21 goals. Come on guys, how can this be possible? Torres already scored 8 in 7 games, while both Rooney, Bent and Drogba each has 6 in the pocket! If you project it to the end of the season, by such form, even scoring 40 is possible.

What say you?

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