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Monday, August 31, 2009

Poll of the Fortnight: Who'll Be the First Manager to be Sacked?

Sorry guys as I didn't post up any topic of the fortnight as promised, as I was quite busy days before. Now here's episode 2 of poll of the fortnight: the first ever manager to be sacked this season?

In this poll, Portsmouth manager Paul Hart is the leader with 23 votes (or 47%). This is quite reasonable since the Pompey are having a extremely tough moments under him - 4 losses from 4 games. I believe by the end of September, if Paul Hart can't lead his team to their first victory, he'll be sacked.

On the second position is Manchester City's manager Mark Hughes (17 votes or 35%). While everyone is suspecting his ability to lead a team full of big names, Hughes led his team to 3 consecutive wins - although all of them won by only small margin. His next two games against Arsenal and Man Utd are the crucial ones - if he can do a great result at both games, he'll be safe.

And the third place stands the one who most people hate: Phil Brown from Hull City. He got only 10% of votes but that doesn't mean that he's safe from being fired. But thanks to Hull City fine display (certainly not bad), he's still safe at the moment.

Meanwhile Roberto Martinez (2 votes) is having a hard time following Wigan's third consecutive defeats. His low figure of votes is indeed in contrast with his current dangerous position. And Alex McLeish surprisingly got null votes from our fellow respondents. He's just not famous so nobody votes him don't you think?

There're two votes who voted for others - is it Rafa Benitez who lost 2 games from 4, or Moyes who only managed to help Everton to pick 3 points out of 3 games? Or Bolton's Megson who yet to lead his team to first league victory of the season?

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